Unmasking a Lord’s Heart – Extended Epilogue


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Several years had woven themselves seamlessly into the fabric of life at the Lyndon estate, a splendid vision of flourishing gardens and the gentle rolling hills of the English countryside. It was a clear spring morning, one of those rare days where the sky was a perfect blue, scarcely marred by clouds, and the air carried the promise of warmth with the scent of blooming flowers and fresh earth. Isabella Lyndon, formerly known as Bella Clarington before the bonds of love and a touch of dramatic fate had changed her surname, strolled alongside her husband, Simon, through the gardens they had lovingly tended together.

Their two children, a boisterous son named James after Bella’s late brother, and a spirited daughter, Grace, named in honor of Isabella’s dearest friend, frolicked ahead. The children’s laughter was a light, lifting melody that danced through the air, mingling with the sound of bees buzzing lazily around the blossoms.

Isabella wore a dress of soft green muslin that caught the sunlight and made her appear as a part of the spring itself—an ethereal figure of contentment and grace. Her hair was pinned up, though a few curls insistently escaped to frame her face, reflecting the golden light of the morning sun.

Simon, ever the dashing figure even in his casual estate attire—a neatly tailored jacket and breeches—watched his wife with a mixture of admiration and affection. He reached for her hand, intertwining their fingers with a familiarity born of years of marriage filled with both challenges and triumphs.

“Look at them,” Isabella said, her eyes following their children. “It seems only yesterday they were babes in arms, and now they run about as if they own the world.”

“They may yet,” Simon responded with a chuckle, his gaze affectionate and proud. “But speaking of the world—or at least our little part of it—have you given any thought to the upcoming Season in London?” His voice held a hint of reluctance, a testament to the years of duty that had pulled him from one adventure to another.

Isabella sighed softly, her eyes lingering on the vibrant tulips lining the garden path. “I have, though I must confess, my heart is not inclined to leave just yet. There’s so much to do here, and the estate demands our attention.”

Simon nodded, his own disinterest in the bustling social scene of London clear. “I find myself equally weary of the city’s clamor. Our life here, with the children and the peace it brings… it’s become more than enough for me.”

They paused by a stone bench under the shade of a blossoming cherry tree, its petals fluttering down around them like a gentle rain. Sitting, they watched James attempt to teach his younger sister the fine art of chasing butterflies without tripping over one’s own feet.

“Do you think we would be missed terribly if we did not make an appearance this year?” Isabella asked, her tone light but curious.

Simon’s eyes crinkled with mirth as he considered her words. “Perhaps by a few, but what if we were to bring a bit of the Season here? We could host a few intimate gatherings, a house party perhaps. It would be a way to see our friends and satisfy the social obligations without the chaos of London.”

Isabella’s face brightened at the idea, her smile reflecting the beauty of the garden around them. “A house party! Oh, Simon, that’s a splendid idea. We could invite Grace and Anthony, and a few others who wouldn’t mind the travel to the countryside.”

“It would be the perfect compromise,” Simon agreed, his thumb brushing against her hand softly. “And it would keep the children close, and us happier. Shall we do it then? Plan for a season of our own making?”

Her laughter mingled with the rustling leaves, light and clear. “Let’s do it. A season of our own, right here at Lyndon Hall.”

Content with their decision, they rose from the bench, their hearts as light as the breeze, ready to embrace a spring and summer of their own design, surrounded by the people they loved, in the place they called home.

As Simon and Isabella approached the stately facade of Lyndon Hall, their conversation about the upcoming house party continued with animated gestures and shared smiles, painting plans of what was to come. It was then that Grace emerged from the doorway, her presence like a burst of sunlight that complemented the clear skies above.

Grace, with her hair fashionably styled into an elegant updo that spoke of her impeccable taste, waved enthusiastically upon seeing her friends. Beside her, her husband, Lord Anthony, followed with a more reserved but equally genuine smile, holding the hand of their youngest daughter, who tugged impatiently, eager to reunite with her cousins.

“Isabella, Simon!” Grace called out, her voice carrying across the lawn as the children noticed her and dashed toward their cousins, their previous games forgotten.

Isabella quickened her pace, her skirts swishing softly against the grass, and opened her arms wide as Grace approached. They embraced warmly, the kind of embrace that spoke volumes of their deep and enduring friendship.

“It’s so good to see you,” Isabella said, stepping back to look at Grace. “And to think, we were just planning a bit of mischief for the summer.”

Grace’s eyes lit up with interest. “Mischief? At Lyndon Hall? Do tell.”

Simon laughed, clasping hands with Anthony, who had caught up with his energetic daughter. “We’re thinking of hosting a house party instead of attending the Season in London,” he explained. “A little season of our own here in the countryside.”

Anthony nodded in approval. “A splendid idea. London can be quite overwhelming, and frankly, the quieter pleasures of the country suit us better these days.”

Grace linked her arm with Isabella’s, leading her toward the house. “And you couldn’t have mentioned this splendid plan in your last letter because…?”

Isabella grinned, squeezing her friend’s arm. “It only just blossomed this morning, under the influence of spring and too much tranquility.”

As they entered the drawing room, the light from the large windows bathed the room in warmth, highlighting the fine furnishings and the vibrant paintings that adorned the walls. Servants moved quietly, bringing in trays of tea and a selection of cakes and sandwiches, setting them down on the low table before the plush sofas and chairs.

The adults settled into the comfortable seating, while the children, having momentarily forgotten their parents in favor of exploring every nook of the garden, were now peeking through the windows, faces smudged with the evidence of their earlier adventures.

“Really, Isabella, a house party could be just the thing we all need,” Grace mused as she accepted a cup of tea from a servant. “A chance to relax among friends and family without the rigid formalities of the city.”

“And think of the joy it’ll bring the children,” Isabella added, watching as James and Grace’s daughter pressed their noses against the glass, giggling at some shared secret.

Simon nodded, taking a sip of his tea. “We could have games, picnics, perhaps a little music in the evenings. Nothing too grand, just enough to satisfy the social appetite without becoming a chore.”

Anthony raised his cup in agreement. “Here’s to a summer of leisure and pleasure, then. To friends and family, and to a season at Lyndon Hall.”

Their cups clinked gently in the quiet of the room, a soft symphony to the harmony that filled the space, as the laughter of children and the chatter of lifelong friends mingled, setting the stage for a season unlike any other.


The days that followed unfurled with a gentle ease, as Grace and her family extended their stay, much to the delight of everyone at Lyndon Hall. The house, usually quiet and reserved, buzzed with the vibrant energy of two families merging into one lively gathering. With the children’s laughter echoing through the halls and gardens, and the adults reveling in the cherished company and familiar comfort of close friendship, the estate felt more alive than ever.

In the mornings, after a leisurely breakfast where the table was laden with freshly baked breads, homemade jams, and the rich aroma of brewed coffee, the group often took to the gardens. Isabella and Grace, with their sketchbooks in hand, would find a shaded spot under the sprawling branches of an old oak tree. They captured the vivid blooms and tranquil scenes of the countryside while exchanging stories and confidences in the way only old friends could.

Simon and Anthony, meanwhile, preferred to engage in more spirited activities with the children. They orchestrated games of cricket on the lush lawn, teaching the younger ones the joy of sport while competing good-naturedly amongst themselves. The laughter and shouts of encouragement filled the air, blending with the calls of the birds and the rustle of the leaves.

By afternoon, the group would often venture further afield, exploring the extensive grounds of the estate or visiting the nearby village. These outings were casual affairs, with picnics organized by the banks of a meandering stream or visits to the local market where Isabella and Grace admired the craftsmanship of local artisans.

One such afternoon, as they returned from a stroll through a particularly scenic part of the countryside, Grace linked her arm with Isabella’s, a thoughtful expression on her face. “Bella, tell me truthfully, do you miss the grandeur of the Season? The balls, the gowns, the endless social whirl?”

Isabella considered the question, her gaze drifting over the peaceful expanse of their estate. “Only sometimes, my love, perhaps a twinge of nostalgia for the excitement,” she admitted. “But then I look around at what we have here—the children thriving in the fresh air, Simon happier, and our friends close—and I realize I prefer our life now, far removed from the demanding pace of London. This is the most wonderful time we’ve had.”

Grace nodded, smiling. “I feel much the same. Anthony and I have found such a sense of peace here these past days. It reminds me of why we cherished our visits so much. This—,” she gestured around at the rolling fields and the distant laughter of their children, “—is truly special.”

Their conversation was a gentle ebb and flow, mirroring the idyllic setting around them. As they approached the house, the smell of tea and the sound of a piano trickled out from the open windows, signaling the beginning of their evening ritual.

Inside, the drawing room had been transformed into a cozy haven. A fire crackled softly in the hearth, warding off the evening chill. The children, now cleaned up and changed, were gathered around the piano where Simon played a lively tune, his fingers deftly coaxing melody from the keys.

The adults settled into the plush sofas, tea cups refilled, as the music enveloped them. This informal concert was yet another thread in the fabric of their shared joy, an impromptu performance that brought another layer of warmth to the gathering.

As the night drew on, plans for the upcoming house party crystallized. Invitations would be sent, menus planned, and entertainment arranged—all designed to capture the spirit of their current happiness and extend it to a wider circle of friends.

“To friendship,” Isabella toasted, lifting her cup as the pianoforte song concluded to enthusiastic applause.

“To family,” Grace added, her voice echoing with affection.

Their cups clinked again, a quiet promise of the many joyful days to come, surrounded by the laughter of their children, the companionship of their spouses, and the enduring bond that linked their two families together.


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