Tutoring a Lady’s Heart – Extended Epilogue


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Ten years had passed that Gabriel and Kittie had been married. There were still days in which she could not believe it and could not believe that the brother she had when she was younger was the same man she knew now.

After all, Richard was such a delightful, kind man. He looked at others with respect and with admiration, even if they were not titled and even if they had nothing to offer greater society.

As they prepared for Henry’s wedding, she was thrilled that they were all gathering together. Richard and his wife met with them earlier in the day, and they were all travelling together. They would meet Jane and her family once they arrived at the church.

“Are you ready to see your little brother get married? Can you even believe it? He is such a fine young man,” Kittie said.

“He is older than you were when you married,” Richard said.

“Yes, but I am a woman,” she laughed in reply.

“Well, he is older than your husband was. I recall that Gabriel was a very young man when you wed,” Richard reminded her.

Kittie looked at Gabriel in the coach and her husband smiled back, beaming with that stunning smile of his. Her children and Richard’s played together, and it was a rather crowded trip into town to reach the church.

They arrived and it was still early enough that Henry’s bride had not reached the church. Because they still had some time, Kittie went to Jane and they watched their children play together.

“Jane! There you are. I am so happy to see you,” Kittie exclaimed.

“And I, you. It has been nearly two weeks. Oh, and how is Gabriel?” she asked.

“He is doing well, just going to speak with Henry for a moment before the wedding begins. you know how he is. He still feels such a kinship with Henry and wants to wish him well on this special day,” Kittie said.

It seemed as though Jane’s life had turned out to be every bit as beautiful as Kittie had hoped. She had three children, much like Kittie and Gabriel.

Lord Bell was a good man, a man with principles and kindness. He had been a good husband and that was the most important part.

As for Kittie and Gabriel, life has never been better. Their two children were running around but they were obedient enough that she knew they would be able to call them back easily in time for the wedding. The child she still carried within her was growing more and more each day, finally at the stage where she could feel those little feet kicking.

She was thrilled to be with child once more and wondered what life was going to look like once the baby was born. She had a seven-year-old son and a daughter who had just turned four. Now, alas, she was delighted to be giving birth to a third child and Gabriel had been terribly excited when she had told him.

Still, they were not quite sure what it was going to look like when they had three children and how it would fit into their life.

They lived in a small home, right next to the one Gabriel had purchased for his mother. His sister was now married and living in Brighton with a very good man, but with Gabriel’s mother so close, Kittie had been happy to have her help now and then with the children. Their great question was whether or not they would need to build a larger home. After all, they could now afford to do so, and they still felt a desire to expand their family even after this third child.

“Oh, she is here!” Gabriel said, alerting Kittie to the fact that Delilah had arrived for the wedding and it was time to begin. She walked down the aisle to a grinning Henry who awaited her.

The ceremony began and Kittie was thrilled to see the happiness in her brother’s expression. This had been a day they had been looking forward to for quite some time. Never had she thought their family would be so close, not since the death of their mother and father, but now they were. Everything had fallen into place and they were full of love and care for one another at last.

Kittie leaned into Gabriel as the ceremony continued and it was a wonderful moment when Henry and his wife were pronounced husband and wife. She clapped with the others, delighted as Henry and Delilah left the church and she and Gabriel followed as they made their way to the reception.

“I am so happy to see your brother married, at last,” Gabriel said.

“Indeed, as am I. Oh, and do you see this?” Kittie asked, staring straight ahead.

Gabriel turned and Kittie looked at him as his face lit up.

“Good heavens,” he said.

“Well, I do believe that your mother and Adam have finally begun to explore their feelings for one another,” Kittie said with a laugh, noting how Adam brushed Alice’s hair from her face and looked at her with care. For a long moment, Adam and Alice gazed at one another and Kittie tried to get Gabriel’s attention.

“What is happening over there?” he asked with a laugh.

“Whatever it is, I do believe that it is a private moment, and we ought not to interrupt it. Come now. We must dance,” Kittie said, as the music was beginning.

She and Gabriel made their way into the dance floor where the other couples were beginning to dance. The small orchestra played a lively tune, and it was a wonderful opportunity to dance and enjoy themselves.

Kittie loved to dance with Gabriel. She adored being in his arms and nothing was ever so grand as spending these moments with him. Although she was glad for the wedding, glad for the chance to be with friends and with family, none of it mattered more than being there, with her husband.

“Where are the children?” Gabriel asked.

Kittie saw them with Jane, running circles around her as she laughed.

“They are with Jane and I do believe that after this dance, it will be my turn to watch them all so that she and her husband may dance as well,” Kittie said.

“Ah, yes. Of course,” he replied.

“So, am I correct that Henry is going to be returning in three weeks’ time?” Kittie asked.

“Indeed. And not a moment too soon. You know, ever since building the new school, I have been busy and I am terribly sorry for that, but I also appreciate your support. I do not know what I would do without you encouraging me, but I also could not do so well without Henry as my best professor or without Adam to help with the administration,” Gabriel said.

“No one said it would be easy to educate the men of England, but you have taken it in stride and done a marvellous job ensuring that they are given adequate teaching and excellent instruction. I am proud of you and could not be happier with the work that you do, my love,” Kittie said.

It was true that things had been difficult with Gabriel’s school, but he was doing such a great work by having it open for the sons of nobility, businessmen, and also for the scholarship students. She was amazed by his efforts to ensure that everyone was given an equal chance to learn and grow in their studies.

“And what of my wife? Do you think she will ever help me open a young woman’s school?” he asked.

“Do you think society would allow it?” she asked in reply.

“What if we gave them no choice?”

“Then I would be very happy to assist,” Kittie said.

She had spent the past few years studying as best she could. Although it was difficult being taken seriously as a young woman who adored education so dearly, Kittie had not given up. She was determined to do and learn everything she possibly could.

Her studies in Latin had proven successful and that was the thing she was the most excited for. Although she would never have a chance to show it off the way her husband would, she was still happy to know that she could at least speak with him and feel that she could say things that could not be spoken in English.

Nevertheless, she was making every effort to teach their own children and that had been enjoyable as well. Thus far, they could both read very well, and she hoped that they would enjoy learning as much as she and Gabriel did. But if they did not, Kittie knew she would find a way to cultivate their interests and give them each a chance to succeed in the ways they so desired.

By the end of the dance, Kittie was not ready to be released from her husband’s arms. She never wanted him to let go, and it was painful to have to step away. In her heart, she promised herself that she would demand another dance with him so she could enjoy the wonder of being close.

But for now, she rushed over to Jane.

“Your turn,” she said with a laugh. “I see both of mine and all three of yours. You must go now before I lose them all.”

“Thank you, Kittie!” Jane exclaimed, rushing to Lord Bell so they could dance together.

Kittie sat down away from the dance floor, with her hand on her burgeoning stomach. She just wanted to enjoy watching the children.

“Mother?” Joseph asked, coming over to her. “When is the new baby going to come?”

“It will be nearly five months hence, my dear. I know that it seems like a very long time, but it will happen before you know it. There was a day when you were in here and I thought you would never be in my arms, but then, you were! And you have been in my arms every day since,” she said.

“Will you still love me when you have the new baby in your arms?” he asked.

“Of course, I will!” she exclaimed. “You know, my mother used to keep a journal, just like the one you have seen me write in so often. And in her journal, she wrote of how love always produced more love. You see, just because there is a new baby, it does not mean that I will have less love to give to you. It means we will all create even more love to share with one another.”

“Really? Is that how it works?” he asked.

“That is always how it works. You will see in time, my dear. You will find a love of your own and it will be marvellous, and you will be amazed that you ever lived without it. But once you have it, there will always be more ahead,” Kittie told him.

Joseph appeared shocked and delighted by this news, but he ran off and played with the other children, not giving her another thought, now that he had this answer. It seemed it was all he had wanted to know, and Kittie was glad that she had given him a bit of peace for whatever worries he had held.

“You are such a tremendous mother to our children,” Gabriel said, coming up behind her.

“You think so?” she asked.

“Always,” he replied, taking her hand in his. Kittie leaned against him and they watched the little ones play together. It was starting to get late, and they needed to leave soon if they were going to get their children down to sleep at a reasonable time.

By the time they departed, Annabelle was already sleeping in Kittie’s arms and Richard’s children were asleep, crowded around him and his wife.

“Well, it would appear as though we all had a good day because we are all completely exhausted,” she said with a quiet laugh.

“Indeed, it does look to be that way. Nevertheless, I hope that the two of you are not so tired that you fall asleep before you reach home because we cannot help to carry you all in,” Richard teased.

Indeed, Kittie was exhausted, but they managed to stay awake long enough to reach the house. She and Gabriel carried the children inside and laid them upon their beds. From there, they made their way to their room and began to change out of their finery and get into more comfortable clothing for bed.

“It was a beautiful day. I am eager to hear how their honeymoon is. I know Henry was excited about travelling north and seeing the borderlands,” Kittie said.

“Yes, I have heard it is lovely up there, but I hope he is careful,” Gabriel said.

“Delilah has family there, so I am sure they will be fine. Anyway, they are excited to go, and I look forward to hearing all about their journey,” Kittie said.

“And you must be very tired now. I know how exhausted you get when you are pregnant,” Gabriel said, leading her to the bed and helping Kittie get comfortable.

“I am not so far along that the exhaustion has truly hit yet. But yes, I suppose I am still tired. Nevertheless, thank you for helping me as I am already reaching the point where I can feel it in my back. I do think two previous pregnancies have done their damage,” she said, although she smiled through it.

“You still look beautiful, and I hope that you get through this one with as much ease and grace as you achieved the first two,” Gabriel said.

“You are so sweet, my love. Despite the changes that take place with pregnancy and childbirth, you have always loved me and given me such grace,” Kittie said.

“For good reason. You are my dream, Kittie. I am glad we get this life. I am thankful for our children and the joy they bring us. I am thankful for our happiness and the gift of having a family which can grow and become even better than it already is,” he said.

“I am also happy for the school and how you have supported me through my work and giving me so much help to achieve everything I have worked for. You have supported me and encouraged me every step of the way,” he continued.

“But when I think about what I want most in life and the things that truly matter to me, the first and most important thing is and has always been you. You are my love, my darling. You are the one who gives me a reason to wake in the morning and go to sleep at night,” Gabriel concluded.

Kittie tried not to cry at his romantic words.

“I wish I could express to you how much I adore you as well as you always express it to me. You know, there are still days when I wonder how I came to be so fortunate. When everything was against us, we still found a way to be together. It astonishes me, but it came to pass, and it cannot have been by mere chance,” Kittie said.

“My love, you know how I adore philosophy and theology. No, it was not mere chance. It could not have been. A love like ours was written. A story like ours could only have come about because it was meant to,” Gabriel said.

Kittie loved to think of it that way, to know that their future had always been decided and that the days to come were much the same. If they had been given such great gifts over the past ten years, what would unfold over the next ten ahead? And what would come to pass as they watched their children grow and fall in love just as her mother’s journal had hoped for Kittie and her brothers?

“What are you thinking about?” Gabriel asked.

“I am thinking about the life we have lived and how much we had to fight, yet how easily it came together with just the memory of my mother. I wish to be the sort of mother who has such a power. Even when she was long-since dead and gone from the world, she still managed to be the one who enabled us to be together,” Kittie reasoned.

“You are already the powerful mother who is able to do something so amazing. Believe me, Kittie, our children see you and know that you are incredible. They know that you have the ability to make things grand and lovely. I think you have nothing to worry about for you have already achieved such wonderful things,” Gabriel said.

She hoped with all her heart that he was right. The greatest thing she had seen was her family’s happiness, but it was her children she could look to now and know that there were days ahead when they might need her. And in those days, she would tell them what love was truly like.

As Gabriel snuggled in close to her, he whispered in her ear, “Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori.”

Kittie giggled, delighted by his sweet words. She turned to him and their noses touched as she echoed his words back to him, “Omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori.”

“You like when I quote Virgil to you?” he asked.

“Very much so,” Kittie replied.

And the words were true. As Virgil had said in his famous Latin quote, “Love conquers all things; let us yield to love.”


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  9. This story kept me spell bound to the end. It was so well written, and the story was so seamless that it kept my attention till the end of the extended epilogue. I enjoyed it and can’t wait for another.

  10. This story kept me spell bound to the end. It was so beautifully written, and the story was so seamless that it kept my attention till the end of the extended epilogue. I enjoyed it and can’t wait for another.

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