A Matchmaker for the Fine Baron – Extended Epilogue


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In the soft glow of twilight, Frederica Ridley, adorned in an elegant gown of soft blues and ivories, stepped from the carriage onto the cobblestone streets of London, her heart thrumming with anticipation. Beside her, Jane, always the picture of composure, offered a reassuring smile, while Beatrice, as spirited as ever, could scarcely contain her excitement, her eyes alight with the promise of the evening ahead.

They had come to the prestigious Drury Lane Theatre, not merely as spectators but as proud supporters of Pelham Bridges, whose name now graced playbills and salon conversations alike. Since their return to England, Pelham had dedicated himself to his music with a fervor that had captured the hearts and imaginations of the ton. Tonight, they would witness the culmination of his efforts: a concerto that promised to solidify his reputation as one of England’s most gifted composers.

As they made their way into the opulent foyer, a buzz of anticipation filled the air, mingled with the delicate fragrance of perfumed gowns and the soft rustle of silk. Frederica felt a swell of pride at the thought of Pelham’s accomplishments. His journey from a misunderstood artist to a celebrated composer was a tale that stirred the soul, and she knew that each note played this evening would be a testament to his resilience and talent.

Beatrice, ever the adventurous spirit, chatted animatedly about their time on the continent, regaling Jane with tales of suitors and scandals that had followed them from Paris to Rome. Yet, for all the attention she commanded abroad, Beatrice remained unattached, her independence a badge worn with pride. Frederica admired her sister’s resolve, knowing well the pressures that society placed upon young women of their station.

As they took their seats in the grand auditorium, the murmurs of the crowd softened to an expectant hush. The stage was set, the orchestra tuned, and as the lights dimmed, Frederica’s hand found Jane’s in the darkness, their fingers intertwining in shared excitement. The opening chords of the concerto filled the space, each note a breath, each movement a heartbeat, as Pelham’s music wove a tapestry of sound that enveloped the audience in its embrace.

Frederica closed her eyes, allowing the music to transport her. In the ebb and flow of the melody, she heard the story of their lives together—the challenges they had faced, the love that had blossomed, and the future that awaited them. It was a reminder of how far they had come and of the boundless possibilities that lay ahead.

An hour later, the final notes of the concerto lingered in the air, and a thunderous applause broke out, pulling Frederica from her reverie. She joined in, her hands clapping until they ached, her heart bursting with pride. Pelham had once again surpassed all expectations, his music a bridge between worlds, touching the souls of all who listened.

In that moment, surrounded by her sisters and buoyed by the triumph of the evening, Frederica knew that there was no limit to what they could achieve together. The night was a celebration not just of Pelham’s talent, but of their loving family.

As the audience’s applause finally began to ebb, Frederica turned her gaze towards the stage, where Pelham stood, his presence commanding yet humbled by the ovation. His eyes met hers across the distance, a silent exchange that spoke volumes of their shared joy and the unbreakable bond that had only grown stronger with time. Oh, how she loved him.

The intermission arrived all too soon, and the auditorium buzzed with excited chatter. Frederica, Jane, and Beatrice made their way to the foyer, where they were greeted by acquaintances and friends, all eager to share in the success of the evening. Yet, amidst the congratulations and lively discussions, Frederica’s thoughts lingered on Pelham’s journey.

Once known more for his notoriety than his talent, Pelham had transformed public perception through sheer will and unparalleled skill. His music, once a private solace, now enchanted all of England, bridging divides and touching hearts. Frederica’s pride in him knew no bounds, not just for his public acclaim but for the man he had become—resilient, devoted, and endlessly loving.

Beatrice, meanwhile, had become a tale of her own within the social circles of the continent. With countless proposals and admirers trailing in her wake, she had remained unswervingly independent, a beacon of strength and self-assurance. Frederica admired her sister’s resolve to chart her own course, unswayed by societal expectations or the allure of titles and wealth.

The interlude provided a moment of reflection for Frederica, a pause in the whirlwind of societal engagements and personal milestones. As they mingled among the crowd, her heart swelled with anticipation for the announcement she planned to make that very evening—an announcement that would mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

In the grand, bustling foyer, amidst the hum of intermission conversations, Frederica gently tugged at Jane and Beatrice’s elbows, guiding them toward a quieter corner. Her heart fluttered with the weight of her news, the anticipation making her hands tremble ever so slightly.

“Jane, Beatrice, I have something I wish to share with you both,” Frederica began, her voice a soft murmur against the backdrop of murmured dialogues and laughter that filled the room.

“What is it, Frederica? You look as though you’re about to announce we’ve been invited to dine with the Prince Regent himself,” Beatrice joked, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

Frederica smiled, taking a deep breath. “Actually, it’s far more wonderful. I am… we are expecting a child.” She placed a hand gently over her stomach, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

Jane gasped, her hand flying to her mouth, while Beatrice’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Truly, Frederica?” Jane whispered, her voice thick with emotion.

“Oh, Frederica! This is marvelous news!” Beatrice exclaimed, throwing her arms around her sister in a warm, tight embrace. Jane joined in, and for a moment, they stood there, wrapped in each other’s arms, a small island of joy amid the sea of people.

As they stepped back, wiping the tears from their cheeks, Frederica’s gaze softened. “I am overjoyed, truly. But there’s more I wish to share with you both.”

“More?” Beatrice echoed, curiosity alight in her eyes.

“Yes, more,” Frederica affirmed, her voice gaining strength. “In light of the happiness Pelham and I have found together, I’ve decided to expand my matchmaking business. I want to offer others the chance at finding the same joy and companionship we’ve been so fortunate to experience.”

Jane’s smile was warm, supportive. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, Frederica. Your talent for bringing people together is unmatched.”

“I’ve assembled an elite team of matchmakers, each as dedicated and intuitive as I strive to be,” Frederica continued, her eyes gleaming with determination. “Our goal is to assist the ton and the gentry alike. Everyone deserves to find love, don’t you think?”

Beatrice nodded emphatically. “Absolutely, Frederica. There’s no one better suited to this task than you. Your heart has always led you to do great things.”

Jane placed a hand on Frederica’s shoulder, squeezing gently. “And you shall have our full support, as always. This expansion is not just a testament to your dedication to others but also a reflection of the love and happiness you carry within you.”

The bond between the sisters, strengthened by years of shared experiences and unconditional love, was palpable in that quiet corner of the foyer. As they returned to their seats for the second half of the concert, Frederica’s heart was full. Surrounded by her sisters, buoyed by the love of her husband, and emboldened by the prospects of her growing family and flourishing business, she felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. 


As the concert hall dimmed again for the second half, the three sisters settled into their seats, the recent exchange leaving a warm glow in Frederica’s heart. The orchestra resumed with a swell of music that seemed to encapsulate all the hopes and dreams swirling within her. Pelham’s compositions filled the room, each note a testament to his genius, a melody woven from the fabric of their lives together. As the final piece crescendoed, the audience rose in a standing ovation, applause thundering through the hall. Frederica’s eyes met Pelham’s again on the stage, and in that moment, a silent vow was renewed between them. They always shared a look after the finale, it had come to be their little secret ritual.

The air outside was crisp, a gentle reminder of the London evening’s descent into night, but Frederica felt a warmth that had little to do with the season. She lingered in the hall with Jane and Beatrice, their earlier conversation leaving a trail of anticipation for the moments yet to unfold.

The hall, now quieter, hummed with the residual energy of the concert. Frederica, Jane, and Beatrice remained, standing near the velvet-draped exit, their eyes occasionally darting towards the stage door, waiting for Pelham to emerge.

“I can’t believe how far we’ve come,” Beatrice whispered, breaking the silence that had settled among them. “Remember when Pelham’s greatest audience was just us in the drawing room?”

Frederica smiled at the memory, the early days of uncertainty and discovery now a cherished part of their history. “I always knew his talent would bring him here, to nights like this,” she replied, her voice tinged with pride.

“And now, with a little one on the way,” Jane added, her eyes meeting Frederica’s in the mirror of shared joy, “the music of our lives will only grow richer.”

The conversation was a soothing balm to the waiting. It wasn’t long before the stage door finally opened, and Pelham appeared.His eyes immediately sought and found Frederica’s, lighting up with a joy that mirrored her own. Beatrice and Jane excused themselves with knowing smiles, leaving Frederica and Pelham alone.

“Darling,” Pelham began, his voice a tender caress as he took her hands in his. “Seeing you in the audience tonight, knowing our future is growing inside you, it filled me with an indescribable feeling. It was as if the music was not just mine, but ours—a symphony of our love and the life we’ve built together.”

Frederica’s heart fluttered at his words, her eyes sparkling with tears. “Pelham, tonight was magical. Your music, it moves people, it speaks of love, resilience, and the beauty of life’s journey. And to think, our little one will grow up surrounded by such love and inspiration.”

Pelham drew her closer, wrapping his arms around her in a gentle embrace. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted,” he whispered, his lips brushing against her hair. “For you, for our child, for our family—to create a world filled with love, music, and happiness.”

Under the soft glow of the streetlamps, the couple shared a moment of perfect contentment, the bustling sounds of London fading into the background. Frederica leaned into Pelham, her head resting against his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.

After a while, Pelham gently tilted her chin up, their gazes locking. The love in his eyes was a beacon, guiding her through any uncertainty the future might hold. “Frederica, my love, every day with you is a blessing. Our journey together is the greatest symphony I could ever hope to compose.”

And with that, he kissed her, a kiss that held the promise of countless tomorrows, of laughter and tears shared, of challenges faced together, and of dreams yet to be realized. It was a kiss that spoke of a future where love was the cornerstone of their family, a love that would grow and flourish just like the melody of their lives.

As they finally pulled away, hands entwined, they walked into the night, the stars above whispering of the endless possibilities that awaited them. Frederica Ridley, once a matchmaker who helped others find love, had found her own greatest match in Pelham, and together, they were ready to compose a lifetime of love, one note at a time.


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13 thoughts on “A Matchmaker for the Fine Baron – Extended Epilogue”

  1. Hello, my dear readers! I hope you truly enjoyed this heartwarming romance! I would love to know your thoughts on it! Had you imagined a different conclusion for our couple’s love story? I am eagerly waiting to read your replies here! Thank you – always! ♥️💫

  2. I loved this also. I just was confused that you have Jane as one of the sisters. In the book itself wasn’t Jane the Aunt and Margaret the other sister? Maybe I remember it wrong. I’m so glad that Pelham and Frederica ate going to have a baby. So lucky they are

  3. It was a little slow getting started but wow it is one of the most interesting and suspenseful and exciting books I have read recently!!

  4. Bridget,another fabulous book,Where Music joined true love,yet dissolve hate and lies!I loved the main characters, Frederica and Pelham. Two very different people that you wouldn’t have thought they would come together so perfectly. The sisters Beatrice and Eugenia made the story very interesting and charming,very clever how you had Thomas appear after all the work of Frederick and a spark just happens. I’m glade that Karen and Isabelle are put in their place,and no further problems will arise.The best is the that Eugenia will make her brother and her new sister in law an aunt and uncle,but better yet the same will happen with Frederica and Pelham also with their pregnancy! Their was some twist and turns,but so much happiness in the end.Again Bridget you bring your characters to life and I can’t waite for the next book to come out! Well done as always!

  5. This book was a perfect culmination of the series – I have enjoyed reading each one of them, rather dreading when the matchmaker would find her own fulfillment, but knowing that it would be outstanding, and it was! Falling in love is such sweet torture, yet Ms Barton has a genuine way with words and makes each occurrence of timeless value. Thank you for your artistry.

  6. Loved the story of the matchmaker and her handsome musician. Plenty of tension. Drama and a lovely love story.

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