Her Duke in the Making – Extended Epilogue


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Thomas’ family home in Pennsylvania was much as he remembered it. He helped Anne out of the carriage. “What do you think?”

“It’s charming,” Anne said with a smile. “This is where you grew up?”

Thomas nodded. Phillip exited the carriage behind them. “And here I thought you were a right pauper,” Phillip said with a grin.

Thomas chided his friend, “Compared to some, I suppose I was.”

“I think it is splendid,” Anne decreed. She had been around Thomas and Phillip long enough that Thomas could always count on her to mediate when she saw they were perhaps going to begin embarrassing themselves. It had been Anne’s careful persistence that had got Phillip to renew his interest in travelling to America.

Phillip fell into step behind them as they walked towards the house. The door flung open before they got too far up the path. Thomas’ mother came out to greet them with her arms open wide as if she meant to hug all three of them.

“Mother!” Thomas enveloped the woman in an embrace which caused her to laugh and pat his back.

Thomas’ mother gasped, “You are suffocating me, Thomas!”

When Thomas released her, the woman enveloped Anne in a hug. “Oh, bless you, child! I have heard so much of you that I think I know you already.” She released Anne at last and eyed Phillip. She looked over at Thomas. “And this is Lord Windham, I presume?”

Thomas nodded. “His Highness, Lord Windham, fifth in line to the throne.”

“Oh, do not start that,” Phillip groused but could not help laughing as Thomas’ mother hugged him as well. “I say, I like America! Lots of hugging!”

Thomas’ mother shooed them all towards the house. “Go on with you all. There are rooms for everyone.”

Thomas found his stepfather waiting for them in his favourite chair. “Father,” Thomas said with a warm grin.

The man stood up and welcomed Thomas back with a thump on the back. “Well done, boy, well done.”

Phillip and Anne were introduced, and the family sat around talking. “Where is, Jo?” Thomas had been expecting the girl to meet them at the door.

Thomas’ mother laughed. “Oh, your sister has taken a job.”

“A job? What sort of job?” Thomas tried to rationalise that with what he knew of his sister.

“Lady Seymour,” Phillip interrupted. “Is it normal for young women here to hold jobs outside of the household?”

Thomas’ mother blushed. “You hear how proper he addresses me, Daniel?”

Thomas stepfather chuckled. “I do.”

“Why, yes, some girls do hold jobs. She wanted to save a bit of money, and well Daniel and I always raised the kids to be mindful of their spending.” Lady Seymour gave a light shrug. “She is helping the local seamstress, doing hemming and such.”

“That is a wonderful profession,” Phillip said in earnestness.

Lady Seymour smiled at him. “That is very kind of you to say. She really is quite headstrong.”

“It must be a family trait,” Anne said with a little wink at Thomas. He laughed at his bride and had to admit that she probably had a point.

The womenfolk went into the kitchen soon after, and to Thomas’ surprise his stepfather put his hand on his shoulder. “She seems a wonderful young lady. Your mother and I are so proud of you, Thomas.”

Phillip smiled at the heartfelt exchange. Thomas could hardly formulate words. His stepfather was a stern man at times, all business. To have him say he was proud was a deep honour. “Thank you, Father.”

The front door thumped open, hitting against the hinges. “That’ll be your sister.”

Thomas chuckled as Josephine came tearing through the room and embraced him. He hugged her back. “You have gotten so tall! How did this happen? I have not been gone that long.”

“Mama said I stubbed my toe,” Josephine said with a quick grin. Thomas saw the girl’s expression change as she noticed Phillip.

Thomas cleared his throat as Josephine scrambled to back away from him. She put her hands behind her back and gazed wide-eyed at Phillip. “May I introduce, Josephine Seymour, my sister? Jo, this is Lord Phillip Windham.”

Phillip gave her a deep bow. “I have heard of your industry, and I am intrigued. Do you enjoy the fabric arts?”

Josephine stared at him for a moment before she covered her mouth with her hand. She dashed out of the room without a glance back at any of them. Phillip looked over at Thomas. “Was it something I said?”

<strong> </strong>


Phillip walked out into the yard and spied Josephine sitting on a fence. He called out, “Dare I approach or shall you flee?”

“I am not a rabbit,” Josephine called back.

Phillip walked over. “Are you sure? Because the last I saw of you was you leaping out of a room.”

“I had things to do,” Josephine said haughtily.

Phillip smiled despite himself. “A girl as young as you has many things to do?”

“I am fully 18 years old,” Josephine declared. “And yes, I do have things to do.”

Phillip leaned against the fence careful to stay a bit away from the girl. Americans were a tricky lot, and he had not as yet mastered all their customs. “I do hope that I did not lead to you forgoing your evening meal. I did not see you when we ate.”

“I was simply tired.” Josephine eyed him with such an open curiosity that Phillip was intrigued. Her hair held a copper tone similar to her father’s. Her brown eyes were sharp and clear as if she could see right to the heart of the matter and only needed him to declare his guilt.

Phillip shrugged. “Have it your way, Rabbit.”

“Are you certain you are a Lord?” Josephine tapped her heels against the fence she was perched on.

Phillip laughed. “I have the papers and everything to prove it. Do you need to see them?”

“Why would I?” Josephine raised her eyebrows at him as if challenging Phillip, but he could not say what the challenge was for.

He chuckled. “Whatever you say, Rabbit.”

“See a real gentleman would not call a lady such as that.” Josephine hopped off the fence.

Phillip eyed her and put his hands in his coat pockets. “Do you know many Lords?”

“No,” Josephine said simply. She turned and walked a short distance away before she stopped and turned around. “Why do you wear your coat all the time?”

“It is a habit,” Phillip said honestly. “Where I come from, people are very modest.”

Josephine did not look like she thought much of that. “That’s a pity.”

“Why?” Phillip asked as the girl turned to leave.

She smiled. “It just is,” she said with a shrug before she turned and sauntered away.

Phillip stood watching her for a bit then turned and went back into the house. Anne was sitting at the kitchen table. She gave him a smile. “What were you up to?”

“Attempting to converse with a rabbit,” Phillip said as he sank into a chair.

She gave him a knowing look. “Really? I thought I saw you talking to Josephine. Must have been my imagination.”

Thomas came in and looked between them. “What is going on?”

Anne leaned back and gave Phillip a look. He sighed. “I was talking to your sister outside, and your wife saw me.”

“The intrigue,” Thomas said dramatically as he sat down next to Anne. “What were you talking to Jo about?”

Phillip shrugged. “Nothing really. I just enquired after her. She did not come to the meal last night, and I was concerned that I might have made her uncomfortable.”

“I assure you that Josephine is very difficult to make uncomfortable,” Thomas confided.

Phillip nodded and agreed, “She does seem to have a very strong mind about things.”

<strong>Thomas </strong>

Anne nudged Thomas. “You really should intervene.”

“Why?” Thomas did not look as if he were eager to do so.

“We have been here three weeks, and Phillip is absolutely beside himself. What happens when we leave for England?” Anne nodded over towards the kitchen window. Phillip was waiting on Josephine to return from her work. “He waits to catch a moment with her like some lovesick bard. And your sister tortures him.”

Thomas snickered. “She adores him.”

“I do not know how things go in America, but surely there must be some peace for them.” Anne leaned against Thomas and gave him a pleading look.

Thomas grinned at her and gave Anne a kiss on the cheek. “I can speak with him, but it is up to the two of them. Not to mention my parents.” He stood up and went outside. “Phillip,” he called.

Phillip reluctantly left his post and came to see what Thomas wanted. “Yes?”

“Walk with me,” Thomas said as he stepped through the gate and into the meadow beyond.

Phillip did so even if Thomas saw his eyes go back down the road. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Thomas assured him. “I just know that we have to return to England at the end of this month. A date that is fast approaching.”

Phillip nodded. “I wonder what they would do if I did not go back.”

“Probably send out search parties,” Thomas informed him with a grin. “Be serious.”

“I am being serious.” Phillip sighed. “This place is so different, yet a lot is the same. Why cannot I just stay here?”

Thomas eyed his friend. “You love England. You love hunting on your land, and despite it all, I think you even love your mother.”

“Blasphemy. You take that last part back,” Phillip said with mock indignation.

Thomas chuckled. “Perhaps that was a bit much, but you will never be happy here.”

They walked for a minute neither of them speaking. The birds in the trees screeched at each other over some squabble that humans would never understand. Thomas looked over at his friend. “Josephine had spoken of going to school in England.”

Phillip eyed Thomas. “I do not know what you are implying.”

“Phillip, I have eyes. Anne has eyes. Even my mother has seen how you two are. Perhaps the only two who have not yet come to the conclusion is the two of you.” Thomas sighed.

He looked uncertain. “I do not think she would have me.”

“You are a Lord. You are fifth in line to the throne,” Thomas intoned loudly.

Phillip chuckled. “So, you are saying I should bribe her?”

“I am saying that if she can see you despite all of that, then perhaps you should give it a shot,” Thomas advised. “Jo is not a flighty girl prone to fancies. She likes a good solid foundation. It is obvious to me that she sees something in you.”

Phillip frowned and looked down at his boots. “What if she does not really see me?”

“There is only one way to find that out,” Thomas reminded Phillip.

Phillip laughed, and Thomas gave him a curious look. “It is a good thing that I have already spoken to your stepfather and mother.”

“You did not,” Thomas exclaimed. “Why did you not tell me?”

Phillip shrugged. “Well, I do not know what she will say. Truthfully she is the wildcard in all this. What if she says no? What if she would rather be independent?”

“Are you going to lock her into a room?” Thomas asked the question with humour.

Josephine called. “Oy, who are you locking into a room?”

Phillip laughed. He and Thomas made their way over to the fence where Josephine was eyeing them curiously. “I was talking about this rabbit that I want to take home to England.”

“Well, rabbits like to be rabbits,” Josephine said simply. “Will the rabbit be allowed to be a rabbit or will she have to act like some doll?”

Phillip shook his head. “She only has to act like herself. Trust me; I am no one to be trifled with at home.”

Josephine smiled. “Then I would love to go to England with you. Wait, you were asking me to marry you, weren’t you?”

Phillip chuckled and said, “Yes.”

“Good. Well come on then,” Josephine said haughtily as she headed into the house. Anne stepped back and let the girl go in while she covered her mouth with one of her hands.

Thomas put his hand on Phillip’s shoulder. “Welcome to the family.”


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Grab my new series, "Noble Gentlemen of the Ton", and get 2 FREE novels as a gift! Have a look here!

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