A Courtship to Remember – Extended Epilogue


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10 Years Later…

“Benjamin!” Cecilia scolded. “Leave your sister’s hair alone! Why do you bother her so?”

Elizabeth chuckled to herself as she watched her sister waddle after her children, her form heavy with child. She often told Cecilia that her son was a form of payback for her being such a pest growing up. Her sister did not need to worry about her daughter as Susan was capable of defending herself from her brother. Sure enough, Susan did a graceful step to the side, putting out her leg to trip her brother. Benjamin went down quickly, giving Susan time to run away, all the while taunting him. Emily, her own daughter, giggled beside her.

“Aunt Cecilia insists on scolding those two, but they are always at it. Much like Oliver and Owen.”

Those were her sweet twin boys who came after Emily. They were a mischevious pair who often disappeared for hours on end, only to return home filthy but their eyes shining with the activities of the day. Elizabeth knew that they were likely hunting rabbits, fishing in the dam on the estate, or helping their servants on the estate grounds.

“Your aunt is a mother hen, although she scolds them, I believe it is mainly to show her love. She would not know what to do with herself if they behaved like little angels.”

“Mama, once I am done with practice, may I go and play with Susan? We promised each other that we would go exploring in the garden for rare butterflies. I have that book that Grandfather gave to me last Christmas.”

Emily and Susan, who were only a month apart in age, were inseparable whenever they were together. They reminded her of her own relationship with Cecilia. This is precisely what she had wanted to happen, and now that she had it, she was content about their family as a whole. Her parents were indeed blessed as they had a total of eight grandchildren and another on the way. Elizabeth had five children: Emily, Oliver and Owen, Rebecca, and baby Aaron who was presently being carried by his father. Cecilia’s own brood was growing with Susan as the eldest, followed by Benjamin. Beatrice who was her youngest, at least for the time being as Cecilia was pregnant with her fourth child.

“Yes, just one more run through and you can go.”

Elizabeth’s mother came to stand beside them, her eyes going to the pianoforte. She knew those eyes because she often had them herself whenever she saw a pianoforte.

“Mama, would you like to sit with Emily while I feed Aaron? I am sure that he must be hungry right now.”

Her mother did not need to be asked twice.

“Yes, of course. I would be happy to assist Emily.”

“Thank you, Mama. Come, take a seat. I shall not be long.”

“Do not rush, babies need all the time and attention that they can get. I shall see to Emily’s lesson.”

In other words, do not come back. Elizabeth could have laughed at her mother’s lack of subtleness. She stood up, moving to give her mother space on the padded bench. Her mother enjoyed playing with Emily, especially as she displayed the same talent that she and her mother had as young girls her age. The fact that Emily truly loved to play was a dream come true for her mother. Her daughter loved to play with her grandmother and often did whenever they were together. It was not long before the music began to flow from their fingertips, filling the drawing room with a beautiful melody. There were very few mistakes that her trained ear picked up on, but an average listener would have never been able to pick them out. Emily is getting better every day. It is not merely because I am her teacher, but her own talent and drive to be the best that she possibly can be. She left her daughter and mother, going to her husband’s side.

“Dear, let me take Aaron for a moment. It is now his feeding hour.”

“Already? This little man is quite the eater.”

“As were our twins. Their appetites were insatiable. Still, are.”

Despite being only four years old, her twins could easily eat the same amount of food that she ate at meal times. However, they were incredibly active boys, so she was not too concerned about it. As if right on cue, little Aaron began to make little sounds that she had grown to know were cries for food. As she took him from Anthony, he immediately began to look for food. Elizabeth was one of the few women of her social class who chose to breastfeed her children. Most of the women had wet nurses, but Elizabeth held by the fact that breastfeeding was also an opportunity to bond with her children. She wanted them to know without a shadow of a doubt that she loved them. Some women disapproved of her method, but Elizabeth was not one to overly concern herself with the opinions of others. Anthony, himself, had been breastfed by his mother and wholeheartedly supported her decision.

“Shall I accompany you to the nursery?”

“Of course, there is no need to ask. How silly you are!”

He smiled, following her to the nursery on the ground floor.

Once there, he surprised her by giving her a sweet kiss that melted her heart. He pulled away, leaving her feeling slightly breathless. She grinned at him, shaking her head. He often caught her unawares.

“What was that for?”

“Do I need a reason to kiss my wife? Besides, I thought that you looked rather adorable and radiant today.”


He chuckled. “You know that I find you to be the most beautiful woman in the world, but today I find that the word adorable best suits what I see. It has been ten years, and yet you look as young as when I first met you.”

“Oh, in that case, I shall take that compliment.”

He helped her to her favourite chair, sitting close to her as she fed their baby. There was a long period of silence before she looked up to see Anthony staring at her, his gaze thoughtful.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, but I must say that I hold women in high esteem. Not only do you carry our babies for nine months, but you nourish them with your bodies as well. Even out of the womb, you continue to do so.”

“You say the strangest things at times, my love.”

“I am just voicing my thoughts. This is our fifth child, that is a total of forty-five months of pregnancy. You have been pregnant for nearly four years of our ten-year marriage, but that never stopped you from being the best wife a man could have. I am blessed to be your husband and call a remarkable woman like you my wife. I can never thank you enough for everything that you have given to me and done for me.”

She cocked her head to the side, a small smile about her lips. How could she have been so lucky to find a man like this? To think that she had never wanted to get married or even have children, but Anthony had unexpectedly come into her life and turned everything that she knew upside down. Suddenly, it was not just music or marriage, but she could actually have them both and did. Anthony stood by her side, pushing her to achieve her dreams. Never once did he allow her to set them aside. Elizabeth loved being his wife and a mother to their children more than she loved music but the fact that he made sure that she had the opportunity to continue her goal was a true testament to how much he loved and cared for her. Through his support and encouragement, she was currently one of the country’s best composers. People were playing her music in their homes, and she could not have been any more proud. Elizabeth loved this man before her, mind, body, and soul.

“I do not think that I shall ever grow bored with you. Our life is not mundane in the least. I never know what beautiful words you will speak next or what surprise you have waiting for me. My life seemed positively boring before I met you. It has been ten years, and yet our passion is as strong as it was in the beginning, if not stronger.”

“We have a good sixty years of happiness together, if not more. I look forward to growing old with you, seeing our children grow up and have their own families. If we are lucky, we might even get to see our great-grandchildren.”

“That would be wonderful. Imagine how many grandchildren we will have?”

He grimaced. “On second thought, let us not think about grandchildren. I cannot bear to think of Emily and Rebecca as wives with children. It is more than my heart can bear.”

Elizabeth laughed. “You will have to get used to it eventually, my love.”

A sharp tug from her son had her sucking in her breath.

“What a powerful little boy you are,” she murmured.

With Aaron fed, burped, and changed, they returned to the drawing room where everyone was seated, listening to a duet between her mother and daughter. She was proud of Emily as she held her own, her fingers moving nimbly over the keys. Mama is enjoying herself, which I am glad for. Who knew that our marriages would have her return to her love of music? Father even supports her, which is a surprise indeed. Elizabeth glanced at her father, seeing his gaze on his wife. The two actually loved each other, something that she never thought would happen. She did not know what had shifted in their lives, but she was happy for her parents. There was no longer the cold, and often stiff politeness of old. No, her father actually doted on his wife now. A peck on the cheek, held hands, looks of tenderness that passed between them- Elizabeth had seen them all, so had Cecilia. They had discussed the case of their parents some years ago, soon after the birth of their children, in fact. There is always hope, even after years of marriage. Percy, Cecilia’s husband, sat by her side, holding his wife’s hand.

After Anthony, Percy had to be the most attentive man in the history of husbands. Cecilia often spoke of how hands-on Percy was with the children, even when it came to waking up in the middle of the night to give her rest. How did we find these unconventional men? They certainly do not fit the textbooks of how a man of this age should act. A lesser man would baulk at the thought of rubbing his wife’s feet or occupying the children so that she may have a break. Most men saw it as being weak, but Elizabeth believed that it showed the strength, love, and responsibility of that man towards his family. Anthony and Percy were not weak men, anyone could see that. However, I did think Percy to be like any other man at first. I judged him before I truly had the opportunity to know him. I can see why my sister loves him so. Elizabeth looked around the room, noticing that the children had snuck away. She sighed. They are always up to something, and it usually is never good. Anthony, as if reading her mind, whispered in her ear.

“I shall go and look for them.”

She looked at him gratefully, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. He grinned, leaning down to whisper in her ear again.

“You will need to do better than that, but I shall let this go… for now.”

His eyes held meaning, making her blush. Elizabeth watched him leave, her heart swelling with love for him. She adjusted her son, trying to find a position that will bring about sleep. He often fell asleep when she played the pianoforte, but he seemed to be fussing that day. Likely due to teething, poor little baby. Anthony returned quite quickly, coming to sit beside her. She raised her eyebrows in question, wondering at his speedy return.

“It is all right,” he whispered. “I have several maids watching out for them. Apparently, Benjamin saw a pie in the kitchen earlier on, and now they all wish for some pie with clotted cream. Cook is feeding them, but I have the maids supervise them as well. We would not want a repeat of the last time they were all together.”

Elizabeth winced as she thought about that day. After a seemingly peaceful lunch in the kitchen, a food fight had broken out, nearly wrecking the kitchen. Their cook was not impressed.

“Good thinking.”

Her mother and daughter’s duet ended, earning applause from them. Her daughter stood up smiling, clearly happy with her performance. As her gaze fell on her and Anthony, she had a feeling that her daughter was about to ask for something.

“Mama, Papa, would you do a duet for us?”

“Right now? Aaron is not yet asleep.”

“I shall take him from you,” her mother said.

“But are you not tired yourself, Mama?”

“Too tired to carry my grandson? Never.”

Elizabeth looked at her husband. “Would you like to do a duet with me?”

She watched her husband smile and stand up, holding her hand out to her.

“I would like nothing better.”

With Aaron safely deposited in her mother’s arms, Elizabeth and Anthony moved to the pianoforte, sitting down close together. He leaned into her.

“This takes me back to the first duet we ever performed. Do you remember?”

“How can I forget? It was a beautiful moment.”

“What shall we play?” he asked.

“You choose. You lead, and I shall follow you.”

He named a complicated duet, but she was up for the challenge. It was a lively piece that they had recently learned, but that did not deter her. As his fingers touched the keys, her fingers followed suit. She matched him note for note, laughing as he picked up speed. Anthony loved to play with music, often adding his own extra pieces to it. However, Elizabeth knew him so well that she could quickly pick up the little changes without difficulty, proving how well they worked together. Another player would have faltered, but a slight pause was all that was needed before she could catch up to him. She often did the same as well, always laughing as she did so. Their playfulness always ensured that they would never become bored with each other, which she loved. Anthony had promised that he would always make her happy, and he had kept that promise.

Elizabeth had endeavoured to do the same for him, making him a happy husband indeed. She could never understand why people could not put more effort into their marriages, not that she had ever felt that she was putting in an effort. When someone like Anthony loved you and treated you like a precious jewel, it was easy to give all that you had to ensure their happiness. It was not necessarily an issue of selflessness, but selfishness. She was not ashamed to admit that she wanted Anthony all to herself, and keeping him happy brought her happiness. Also, their children were able to witness firsthand what a good marriage looked like, and how their parents loved each other. It was important to her to be a good example to their children, to have them grow up in a loving home. While Elizabeth had had no doubt that her parents loved her growing up, there had been a coldness in the home from a lack of affection between her parents, which she did not want for her own children.

Thankfully, her parent’s feelings had changed towards each other, which she was grateful for. Her children were able to witness the good in their grandparents, the second chance they had given their marriage. Looking back, she would never have believed it of them. They had seemed too far gone in their bitterness towards each other. She smiled. In short, her life was near perfect. If my body could be as it was before I had five children, then it would be perfect! She laughed inwardly. Perhaps she was being too hard on herself, Anthony loved her as she was, he said so every day. But he cannot expect another child from me- five is my absolute limit! Their family was perfect as it was.

Their duet was coming to a glorious end, but their duet of life would never come to an end. It would continue for as long as they both should live, and even into the next life. She almost fumbled on a key when Anthony gently bumped her with his shoulder. Am I so engrossed in my thoughts today?

“Ready to take this to the end with me?” he asked.

Elizabeth knew what he was asking because she knew him as well as she knew herself. It was the same question he had asked her on their wedding day. Would she stand by his side for all their days? Would she weather every storm of life with him? Would she give of herself to him as he has done for her? He was not asking the question because he had any doubts about her commitment to him, but he was telling her that there was more to come and that he needed her by his side to tackle everything that life would throw his way, whether good or bad. There was only one answer to his question.


His smile was quick, one that always had the ability to turn her into a blubbering woman with eyes only for him. He affects me today as he did ten years ago, and I believe that he will always have this effect on me. I would not have it any other way. Their duet ended, bringing instant applause from their family. However, they paid them no mind as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Now and forever,” he added.

She smiled. There was nothing false about their love.


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117 thoughts on “A Courtship to Remember – Extended Epilogue”

    1. You have done it again. I love your books.You always seem to bring out true emotion.I could almost feel the pain of the characters, the friendship, the embarrassment,the relationship between the Baron and his friend and the sisters.I loved it. I especially loved the ending of true love and how blessed they were.

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      1. I’m humbled, my dear!

        I’m really grateful for your support and kind feedback!

        I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my stories! Stay strong!:)

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      Anthony and Elizabeth both captured my faith and belief that fate and destiny go hand in hand! It is quite endearing that knowing their profound love and affection for each other has culminated into a happy marriage, raising five beautiful kids, with music in their midst!
      A brilliantly written extended epilogue deserves five bright stars 🌟
      Great job, Bridget👏

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      1. I’m humbled, my dear Karen!

        I’m really grateful for your support and kind feedback!

        Honestly, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy my stories!

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      Thank you also for getting rein correct, the number of authors who spell it reign drives me nuts.
      Mainly however thank you for another superb book.

      1. Thank you so much, my dear Alison!

        I’m really grateful for your support and kind feedback!

        I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my story! Make sure to stay tuned because I have more coming!

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