When a Lady Says I Do

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Lady Grace Rutlege might not hold a classic beauty, but she is uniquely attractive in an unassuming manner. Nevertheless, she has little hope of finding true love, as it seems that no one truly appreciates her golden heart and boundless intelligence. Fate smiles on her though when she meets a dashing lord, whose presence will give her butterflies. Little did she know that her own sister would be jealous of her sweet romance…

Will the imperfectly perfect Lady capture the charming Lord’s heart?

Lord Lovell Trenowden is a man who cares deeply for his family. When their lives are falling apart along with their estate, Lovell accepts that he has no choice but to marry for money. Luckily for him, Lady Grace not only has wealth, but also the most beautiful soul from all women he has ever met. When she accepts his marriage proposal, he feels he is the luckiest man in the world. However, what Lovell hasn’t confessed to Grace, is that finding a wealthy wife was his only option…

Will Lord Lovell manage to both save his family estate and marry the woman of his dreams?

The more time they spend together, the more Lovell and Grace’s romance blossoms into something neither was expecting. Everything crashes down though the moment Grace’s spiteful sister tells her that Lovell was on the hunt for a wife to merely secure a fortune. When Grace calls off the engagement, will Lovell manage to convince her that she is the love of his life? In the end, will Grace and Lovell follow the truth of their hearts, defying anything that comes between them?

“When a Lady Says I Do” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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An Earl’s Eternal Destiny

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Following an unfortunate event that compromised her reputation, Sarah Kingston was forced to retreat to a small seaside town. When Henry Stewart, the Earl of Lakefield and the man she once loved, comes back to her life, Sarah struggles to deal with what is in her heart. Even though she feels the spark still burning for him, she knows better than anyone that nothing could change the past. Will Sarah find the strength to go against the odds and change her ill fate?

A broken heart and a righteous Earl…

After Sarah ran away from him two years ago, Henry decided to live in solitude, until the day he crossed paths with her again. From that moment on, he cannot stop daydreaming about his old love, but his deep scars do not let him trust her again that easily. To make matters worse, he knows that a relationship with her would tarnish his status forever. Will Henry be strong enough to turn away from the only woman he has ever loved? Or will he risk it all and give love a second chance?

A love that could never be buried…

As Sarah and Henry’s fate brings them together again and again, they will not only have to face their repressed feelings, but also their past that keeps emerging and reminding them of what they could be. As if this was not enough, a heartless rake will threaten to tear them apart once again. Will Henry save Sarah from the man who scarred her life with his capricious whims? Will the two soulmates defy everyone opposing their love?

“An Earl’s Eternal Destiny” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Confessions of Lady Tabitha

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Lady Tabitha Browning dreams of meeting her one true love and having a blissful married life. When she meets Leo Whittier, the Marquess of Bazeley, she is flattered by his attention and charm, until she discovers the dark side of him… Tabitha feels devastated when her father announces that she is to marry this cold-hearted man no matter what. With desperation haunting her every step, Tabitha turns to Jeremy Gibbs, her father’s steward, who will soon steal her heart…

Will Tabitha dare to defy high society’s rules for her one true love?

Jeremy Gibbs knows very well that no good can come from loving a duke’s daughter, but the heart plays painful games… When he finds out about Tabitha’s engagement, his heart breaks into pieces. However, after discovering that the Marquess is a scoundrel, he doesn’t hesitate to put his job and reputation on the line to rescue her. With time running out, will Jeremy find a way to escape from a hopeless impasse?

If only fighting for a forbidden love was not a road full of dangerous thorns…

Despite the terrible circumstances, Jeremy and Tabitha savour the precious time they spend together. Still, class differences and a threatening antagonist are just some of the hurdles Jeremy and Tabitha must overcome in order to unite their two separate worlds. Will Jeremy and Tabitha fight the odds and prove that love conquers all? Or will the cruel fate of reality tear them apart forever?

“Confessions of Lady Tabitha” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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For the Love of an Untamed Soul

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Miss Samantha Morton is a rebellious soul who has always been determined to prove her worth to her father. However, when all of a sudden a distant cousin makes a legal claim on their business and family estate, Samantha finds herself forced to marry and produce a male heir. Fiercely clinging on to her independence, the young woman comes up with a plan to buy the property from her father herself. Everything will change though when an enchanting gentleman sets his foot in her orchard and charms his way into her life. Will Samantha manage to prevent her father from finding her an unwanted match? Could the handsome stranger be the missing piece of her happiness?

Lord Thomas Sedgewick, Earl of Malumthorpe, was not prepared to inherit the neighbouring Sedgewick estate at such a young age. Upon his return from London, he discovers that a mismanagement of the family estate has cost them some of the apple orchards where he used to play as a boy. Without delay, Thomas decides to regain what his family has lost. Little did he know that the orchard he wants back now belongs to the woman that will soon steal his heart. Will Thomas manage to compensate for his family’s past mistakes? When Thomas’ original intentions are exposed, what sacrifices will he be prepared to make in order to avoid losing Samantha once and for all?

Thomas and Samantha cannot deny their growing feelings for each other. However, Samantha is neither titled, nor rich, making it unacceptable for Thomas to marry a woman of her status. To make matters worse, a former beau of Lord Thomas, is brought back into the picture, determined to tear them apart forever. Could Samantha and Thomas turn their worlds into one despite the odds stacked against them? In the end, will true love prevail over duty and conventions, or will it not survive their threatening storm?

“For the Love of an Untamed Soul” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Tutoring a Lady’s Heart

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Kittie Montague, the younger sister of Earl of Courtshire, wants nothing more in life than a chance to learn and get lost in the endless world of knowledge. Much to her brother’s dismay, she knows that she is different from other ladies and is therefore utterly bored of high society and her duties. When a new tutor comes to teach her little brother. Kittie will grab this opportunity to learn all the subjects she has always craved in secret. What she didn’t expect though, is that among others, she would also learn what true love is. In a whirlwind of intellect, excitement, and even romance, will Kittie choose the path of her own life? Could the charming tutor be her ultimate destiny, even though they come from entirely different social standings?

Gabriel Whitman is an intelligent tutor, who has devoted his life to providing for his mother and sister, following his father’s irreparable loss. After finding employment as a tutor for a well-to-do family, he feels grateful for the opportunity and decides to not let anything stand in his way. However, he soon realises that his heart is playing strange games, as he finds his entire existence entrapped by his student’s sister and her divine presence. Even though the risks are great for his reputation, his career, and even his family, he cannot stop daydreaming about the fascinating young woman and her hauntingly beautiful hazel eyes. Will Gabriel find the courage to claim Kittie’s heart? Or will he bow down to the Earl’s disapprovement, too afraid to jeopardize his achievements for the sake of true love?

The more time Gabriel and Kittie are spending together, the more their unexpected love will confuse them and turn their lives upside down. To make matters worse, when the Earl finds out that his sister is not only learning things she shouldn’t, but has also fallen in love with the tutor, he decides to marry her off at the earliest opportunity. Could a miracle change the Earl’s unfair decision and soothe his cold heart? In the end, will Gabriel and Kittie manage to survive the storm and overrule their doomed fates?

“Tutoring a Lady’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Falling for the Stableboy

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Lady Rose Gale, an adventurous and free soul, is destined to marry the commoner Mr Jerome Thorne, her father’s detestable associate. Opposed to a betrothal that looks more like a business arrangement, Lady Rose is desperately searching for other alternatives on the horizon. To her surprise, this horizon will unexpectedly brighten the day she meets their new stableboy who will soon make her heart skip a beat. When she concocts a plan that could keep her away from her arrogant intended, Rose is convinced that their handsome employee is the right person to help her in this undertaking. Will Rose convince the handsome stableboy to be part of her liberating plan? Most importantly, what is she willing to sacrifice when she inevitably realises that she is completely in love with him?

Following a devastating incident that left him alone and sorrowful, Ed Young joins the Gale household as the new horse groom. He gradually starts enjoying his new job, but the element that will help him reclaim the spark for life is still missing. This is only until he meets his employer’s daughter, whose presence will start warming his broken heart. However, when he is asked by her to be part of a risky proposition, Ed will find himself in a profound dilemma. To make matters more complicated, Rose will soon have an ace up her sleeve that will leave Ed with no choice but to agree, despite his original skepticism. Will Ed manage to help Rose escape a doomed fate? With Rose invading his dreams and occupying his every thought, will he find the courage to admit his feelings?

Despite their own protestations and society’s expectations, a sweet romance will start flourishing between Ed and Rose with each passing day. However, Ed has a deep and dark secret, and he fears that if Rose discovers it, he may lose both his new life and his new love forever. Could Ed and Rose be the answer to each other’s painful problems? Or will obstacles such as past secrets, duty and social norms keep them from following their hearts?

“Falling for the Stableboy” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Love Portrait for the Silent Duke

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Following the sudden death of her beloved father, the spirited and kind Lady Selina Langley finds herself impoverished and homeless. In desperate need of an income for both her and her sister, Selina has no choice but to put her pride aside and seek employment. Luckily, she will be able to make her way in life by painting portraits for a tormented gentleman, who will draw her attention at their very first encounter. However, deep inside she knows that a match with a man of his stand and a fallen woman like her will always remain a foolish dream. With her unique talent and kindness, will Selina find the way to steal the charming nobleman’s heart? In the end, will she put her struggling past behind and find true love and happiness despite the odds?

When Lord Graham Hancock, the brave and gallant Duke of Westcott, returns injured from the war, he withdraws to his own world, struggling to adjust back into society. To make matters worse, his fiancée breaks off their engagement, as she is embarrassed by his presence. She refuses to be associated with someone who lost the ability to speak, and prefers to stay aside from the crippling nightmares he now endures. Soon, everything will change for the lonely Duke, when he meets the mesmerising woman, who is hired for his portrait and is about to replace what haunts his dreams. As he spends more time with her, she gives him the hope that life is far from over for him and he realises that she is the only person who can brighten even his gloomiest days. Will the silent Duke find a way to declare his genuine love to Selina? Or will he suppress his feelings out of fear and condemn himself into an eternal misery?

Selina and Graham’s hearts start to heal when they discover that they have found everything they were looking for in each others’ eyes. Everything crashes down though, when Graham’s mother banishes Selina from the house and convinces his ex-fianceé to return and ask for his forgiveness. Will Graham find the heartbroken Selina and make the right decision at the most critical moment of his life by convincing her that she is the true love of his life? While external forces are threatening to steal their chance at happiness forever, will the two of them fight for their feelings and choose the path of their own life?

“A Love Portrait for the Silent Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Forever Yours, My Lady

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Lady Ivy Alcott is a hopelessly romantic soul, longing for her fairytale love. However, when she is thrown into an unwanted betrothal, she feels terrified of never being able to fulfil her secret dreams. Everything is about to change though when she decides to take her chances and place a letter in the notch of a tree in hopes of someone finding it one day. Fortune smiles on her, when a mysterious person replies in writing, making her heart skip a beat. Not only that, but when she unexpectedly runs into him, it feels like a chance at true love may finally be within reach. There is only one problem though; the charming gentleman would never be approved by her family due to his lower social class. Will Ivy dare to confront her own family for the sake of her powerful feelings?

Birch Caldwell is a well-educated young man, whose life has taken a very tragic turn. Working as a talented shoemaker that struggles to get by in life, he hopes that one day his fate will eventually change. When he finds a letter hidden in the opening of a tree, he realises that this just might be the gateway to what has been missing in his life; true love. When he finally meets in person the affectionate woman that stole his mind with her beautiful letters, he is also enchanted by her ethereal beauty. Everything will fall apart though when he finds out about Ivy’s courtship against her will. Will Birch find the way to escape from his ill fate and find refuge in Ivy’s heart? Will he be courageous enough to fight for the love that has finally made him feel alive?

When Birch and Ivy’s letters turn into a real-life fairytale, they know they are destined to be together, despite the societal rules that tend to tear them apart. While their feelings of affection are growing with each passing day, Ivy’s family will not tolerate their union and will do everything in their power to keep the two soulmates away from each other. Amidst these trials, will Ivy and Birch find a way to defy society’s restrictions and fully immerse in the sweet romance that came to life through their tender written words? Or will their common hopes and dreams go up in smoke before they come to life?

“Forever Yours, My Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Mending the Duke’s Heart

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Miss Ella Ward, the daughter of a poor seamstress, has always dreamed of becoming a dress designer and catching the eye of even the most prominent figures in London. However, when her beloved father dies, she dedicates herself to working by her mother’s side, to make ends meet. Her luck will finally change when a young lady becomes astonished by her talent and hires her as her personal dressmaker, spiralling her into a world she only dreamed of joining. It won’t be long until Ella’s world turns upside down once again, when she meets the lady’s charming brother and becomes unable to stop daydreaming about his sparking gaze. Will Ella manage to survive and find love in a world that is totally unknown to her? Could she truly have the fairytale ending that any other girl of her class would die for?

After the unexpected loss of his father, Ross Edmundson, The Duke of Winthrope, has become distant, burying himself in grief. Carrying the extra wound of a past love, he has refused to open up his heart again and much to his distaste, he must suffer through the upcoming season as chaperone to his young sister. Everything is about to change though when he sees the beautiful seamstress of his sister and day by day realises he is desperately falling in love with her. However, he knows that this love would be against society’s rules and that he would have to clash even with his own mother, who would undoubtedly be against this romance. Will the lonely Duke find the strength to defy everything for the sake of love? Could Ella be the one to finally sew his broken heart back together?

Ross and Ella cannot deny their blossoming feelings and they are desperate to make amends that will bring them closer to their happily ever after. However, a malicious figure who has set eyes on the Duke, tries to sabotage Ella and take her out of the picture once and for all. Will the honourable Duke manage to protect her from a world that keeps breaking her gentle heart? Will the two soulmates eventually beat the odds stacked against them or will they fail to break down the walls that keep them apart?

“Mending the Duke’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Once Upon a Dreamy Match

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When her father is suddenly left heartbroken by her conniving stepmother, Daphne Blanton is determined to move heaven and earth to make him smile again. On the bright side, she is more than lucky to have her childhood friend by her side in this endeavour, as he is willing to help her find a worthy woman for her beloved father. To make matters more complicated, her life will soon take an unexpected turn, when she finds herself inexplicably in love with her best friend. However, as Daphne is a mere merchant’s daughter, without any dowry, her union with the charming gentleman looks like an elusive dream. Will Daphne accept her miserable fate, or will she find the courage to reveal what lies deeper in her heart?

Lord Benedict Gildon has always been a responsible man, looking after his large estate in Essex and caring about each and every person around him. When his best friend seeks for his guidance, he agrees to help her without a second thought. In the meantime, the new Season is upon them and Benedict travels to London with her, in hope of finding respectable partners. Little did he know though that he would soon realise that the woman he had always been looking for, has been standing right next to him all this time. What sacrifices will Benedict need to make to claim Daphne, the only woman who can bring sunshine into his life? Will he be ready to come in clash even with his own bumptious mother for the sake of true love?

As destiny makes Daphne and Benedict grow closer with each passing day, unexpected scandals and major obstacles will threaten to tear them apart forever. However, their love is undeniably powerful, and in the face of a loveless future, they must risk it all and listen to the truth of their hearts. In the end, will Daphne and Benedict manage to see through the threatening fog and reach the clarity of their love? Or will their fairytale ending burst into flames due to their poor decisions?

“Once Upon a Dreamy Match” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Under the Earl’s Spell

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Miss Emily Lawson has devoted her life to family, putting all her dreams and aspirations aside. Caring and naive as she is, she cannot realise that by serving a family duty, she faces the danger of missing out on the opportunity to start a life of her own. When her noble friend asks to court her, she is in shock, as he was first engaged to her beloved cousin. However, she reluctantly agrees, seeing this betrothal as the only escape from her demanding relatives once and for all. In an unexpected twist of fate, Emily finds herself hopelessly falling in love with her intendee’s brother and feels she has found her guardian angel and true soulmate. With her heart beating faster every time she sees him, could Emily defy all odds and be with the only man she has ever truly loved?

When Lord Ainsley Titterington, Earl of Lingfield, discovers that his little brother is to marry a wealthy heiress, he is scandalised. Being a man of honour and propriety, he is determined to stop this wedding at all costs, as his brother has long been promised to Emily, the heiress’ cousin. What he never expected though, was his heart to be captured by the very same Emily and feel utterly conflicted. Despite his internal struggle, he knows he ought to suppress these strong feelings, if he wants to preserve his family’s standing. Besides, he knows that when the beautiful woman discovers his schemeful involvement in his brother’s decisions, she would despise him for good. Will Lord Ainsley find the courage to fight for the woman that has been the only ray of sunshine in his miserable life?

Just when Emily and Ainsley have started developing an undeniable connection, everything will be on the verge of collapsing. After the revelation of a horrible truth, could Ainsley convince Emily that everything he has done was to protect her from being hurt? With the threats of a loveless marriage and dishonouring a family name, their growing romance is in immediate danger. Will Ainsley manage to make up for his mistakes and regain Emily’s trust? Will their bond be strong enough to endure all the obstacles coming their way?

“Under the Earl’s Spell” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Wildflower for the Wounded Lord

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Harriet Howard has always been a rebellious soul and hard to tame. Much to her mother’s distaste, she has never had any interest in the commodities that other girls desire and has always detested the idea of getting married. However, everything is about to change after she comes across her best friend’s brother, who re-enters her life after a fateful twist of luck. From that point on, she is captured by his presence and starts believing that a chance at love may be within reach. While her heart secretly dreams of a happy future with the charming gentleman, her parents have other plans for her, and Harriet has to escape before it’s too late. Will Harriet find the courage to stand up for what she truly wants and take the leap of real love? Will she trust her heart and go against everything that is threatening to destroy her happiness?

After the unexpected death of his mother, Lord Byron Maxwell escapes to his father’s estate in France. Always avoiding his grief and scared of getting hurt, he has been dismissing every chance to match with an eligible wife, in fear of losing her, like his father did. When his father becomes tragically ill, he rushes back home as soon as possible. To his own surprise, that’s when he meets a woman who will change the course of his life by helping him overcome his previous fear and believe in soulmates. However, it will be an uphill struggle to find happiness by her side and he will have to defy everyone who is against his new love. How far will Byron go to claim the only woman who managed to mend his broken heart? Will he survive the sudden storm and cherish the sunshine of his one true love?

Byron and Harriet soon realise that their real happiness has been right under their noses all along and it’s nowhere else but in their blooming connection. There’s only one problem though; their fathers have always dreamt of another future for them and do not intend to back down until they achieve what they want. However, Byron and Harriet know that their life has no meaning without each other and are determined to break down the walls that tend to keep them apart. Will they find a way to overcome the challenges and have their happily ever after? Or will they both be destined to a doomed fate that will throw them into an endless and loveless sorrow?

“A Wildflower for the Wounded Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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To Heal a Brokenhearted Lord

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All that Honoria Harding has been wishing for is to marry for love and live her happily ever after. While she has always known that the man of her dreams is her childhood best friend, everything crashes down when he finds himself trapped in an unwanted marriage. To add insult to injury, two years later he is called to serve his country in the war, leaving Honoria unable to know if she will ever see him again or not. When she discovers that he might have died on the battlefield, she is stubborn enough to not allow a single tear, until she finds proof that he is indeed gone forever. In a surprising turn of events, her other half has survived against all odds, and when he returns home, Honoria finds her heart entrapped by his gracious presence. Will she find the courage to claim her own happiness despite the challenges life throws her way? Will she manage to fulfil her dreams and share her life with the only man she has ever loved?

While everyone believes he is dead, Guy Mannfield, Earl of Wiltshire, returns to London to find that his wife remarried right after the announcement of his passing. Wondering how quickly she moved on, Guy’s suspicions are piqued by strange entries in his finance books. He knows he must investigate further or he may be ruined for good. To make matters more complicated, an unforeseen encounter with his long-lost best friend, makes his heart skip a beat. The last he expected was that she would be the one to help him find the truth about his wife’s schemes. In the course of time, his undeniably romantic feelings for her rise to the surface and his heart secretly dreams of a future with her. But the road is full of obstacles and he will have to move heaven and earth to find love and inner peace. Will Guy take the opportunity to right past regrets with his best friend? Will he uncover his ex-wife’s subterfuge and clear the path to claim Honoria’s heart?

Right when the two soulmates find each other again, challenging circumstances will test their love one more time. Will Honoria and Guy heal their past scars and give love a second chance? How far are they willing to go to beat the odds and find their way back to each other’s hearts?

“To Heal a Brokenhearted Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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To Love a Tormented Earl

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When her father took ill, Emilia Whitmore was left in dire financial straits and with very few prospects to walk down the aisle. Time is running short, and if she doesn’t find a suitor soon, her household may not survive. Her life takes an unexpected twist, though, when she suddenly comes across her former employer who was believed to be dead. Even though she knows that a romance with him would be a false hope, she can’t stop daydreaming about his captivating gaze. When he asks for her assistance to unveil a conspiracy that ruined his life, her generous heart compels her to agree. Will Emilia manage to overcome the barriers that go against her happiness? Would destiny hold for her a happy ending?

After faking his own death three years before, Maximilian Emery, the true Earl of Ceastre, has returned to London to reclaim his estate and his name. But before he can do that, he must determine who is involved in the blackmail that prompted him to flee in the first place. When fate brings him together with a woman from his past, soon old feelings begin to resurface. But until he finds out who is hidden behind the evil plot against him, love will remain just a flight of fantasy, no matter how his anxious heart skips a beat everytime she is around. Will Max manage to solve a puzzle that has made his life a living hell? Will his only dream to live by Emilia’s side come true?

Despite their strong feelings, Max and Emilia‘s union seems impossible, as they come from two spheres of society not accustomed to mingling. To make matters worse, when Emilia discovers the reason for Max’s exile, she feels that everything is crashing down. Will the star-crossed lovers find a way through the obstacles that insist to keep them apart or will they accept a future without hope of true love?

“To Love a Tormented Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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How to Claim a Governess’s Heart

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Ever since her parents died, Bridget Thatcher has been left destitute and determined that she will never find happiness in her life. Having been left with no choice, she becomes a governess to earn her living. Fortune smiles on her, though, when she is assigned to a little girl that quickly warms her broken heart. Life takes a terrible turn when the child’s parents die, and she is tasked with bringing the girl to her new and mysterious guardian. Even though she can’t stop thinking about him ever since she met him, she knows that she has to put love aside and stand by the little girl who needs her more than ever. Will she manage to protect the lonely child and win a place to her charming guardian’s heart? Would life finally hand her a happy ending?

Lord John Hughan is running out of time, as he has only one year to prove to his brother that he can succeed as an author or else he will lose his inheritance for good. It doesn’t seem his life could get any more complicated until a strange woman appears on his doorstep with the orphan that has been left in his custody. With each passing day, he becomes very protective to the little girl, and he finds himself drawn to the most loving governess he has ever seen. But his family’s constant deterrents will make his life a whirlwind, forcing him to reach decisions that will deeply hurt his heart. Will John manage to keep both ladies safe? In the end, will he follow his heart and make his dreams come true?

Though the timing is all wrong, Bridget and John cannot turn their back to their growing affection. However, Bridget carries the guilt of a secret that could rip all her happy dreams, if ever discovered. Will John and Bridget claim each other’s heart before the last rose petal of their love falls? Will they become the parent figures that the lovely girl deserves and heal her broken heart?

“How to Claim a Governess’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Forever Love

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Lady Margaret Somerville is a nobleman’s daughter cherished by any man seeking a proper wife. Against society, she takes on the child of her deceased poor friend, and she is determined that she will never marry a man who wouldn’t approve of her. When her childhood friend returns home from war, Margaret has no doubt that he is the fairytale prince she has always been waiting for. Little does she know that her father would rather die than see his daughter married to the gamekeeper’s son. To make matters worse, she becomes betrothed to a man who craves nothing but her generous dowry. Will Margaret escape the grim future her father has planned for her? Will she find meaning in her life again by Nigel’s side?

Captain Nigel Bateson comes back to Cornwell to discover that his secret crush is engaged to a hateful man, raising a child of mysterious origins. Unable to bury his growing feelings for her and defying all odds, he wishes to marry her at the earliest opportunity. But this is going to be an uphill struggle, as he first has to help her run away from her detestable fiance and prove to her father that he is a respectable man despite his class. Will Nigel rescue the affectionate woman who stole his heart years ago? Or will he have to witness her marry a man that will make her life a living hell?

Even though Margaret and Nigel come from different worlds, their love can overcome the obstacles that tend to keep them apart. But her evil husband-to-be will never accept his defeat, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to make her suffer. Will the two of them find a way to overcome the obstacles that threaten to take away the happiness they deserve? In the end, will their love survive a violent storm and bring sunshine to their hearts?

“A Lady’s Forever Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Captivating Lady’s Love Storm

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As her first official Season is approaching, Lady Marianne Amesbury can’t wait to discover what the future holds for her. After her first dance with a charming gentleman, her instinct tells her that he might be the one. While she can’t stop daydreaming about her life by his side, everything is about to change when she discovers that his family is her father’s lifelong feud. When her father announces that he will never allow her to see him again, Marianne’s life falls into pieces. Desperate to escape her grim future, she tries to find the cause of her father’s hate and soothe his resentful heart. Will she manage to put an end to an endless clash? Will she finally have the happy ending she has always been dreaming of?

Edmund Stapleton is a kind gentleman with an intrepid mind. Even though he has never enjoyed balls and such social events, he has no choice but to fulfil society’s expectations. When he first sees Marianne, he cannot help being smitten by her beauty. But a storm is brewing when he learns that the woman who is about to haunt his dreams would be the daughter of his father’s most obnoxious enemy. Will Edmund stick to his father’s demand to forget about Marianne, or will he start a relentless pursuit of claiming the woman he loves?

Against all odds, Marianne and Edmund do everything in their power to spend a few moments together. But when her father finds out about their secret meetings, furious as he is, he forces her back to the countryside. To make matters worse, he finds an eligible man to betroth her at the earliest opportunity. In the end, will the two romantic souls escape from a terrible fate? Will their love withstand the obstacles that keep them apart?

“A Captivating Lady’s Love Storm” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Dancing with a Gracious Lord

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After a childhood illness left her with a scarred face, Juliana Rothmond is determined that no man will ever look at her except for her generous dowry. When her father announces that she is soon to marry Ira Galbrathe, an opportunistic and arrogant man, Juliana desperately tries to escape from her future misery. Will she find a way to break an unwanted betrothal? Could she meet a man who will overlook her broken visage and love her for the beauty of her heart?

Before the Earl of Dunville died, his last wish was that his only son should find a suitable wife and shoulder his responsibilities. Following his father’s desire, Lord Horatio Vincent decides to stop being a womanizer and find a bride without any delay. After his first dance with Juliana, he is immediately won over by the beauty under her scars, defying all the resentful comments on her appearance. Not long after, he comes up with a plan to rescue her from an insufferable man and meet his father’s expectations; to marry Juliana the earliest possible. But, could this deal ever turn out to be a fairytale? Will Horatio manage to love Juliana, or will he be trapped in an emotionless marriage that himself proposed?

By the time their feelings are starting to bloom, their life is about to fall apart. When Ira joins forces with Horatio’s past love to break off their marriage and destroy their lives, Juliana and Horatio must prove that nothing can deprive them of their happiness. Will a true romance flourish in such an unfortunate situation, or the barriers they come across are too many to overcome?

“Dancing with a Gracious Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Baron Worth Loving

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Growing up in a family with three older brothers, Nora Pembroke has a wild spirit, hard to tame. The moment she meets her brother’s childhood friend at the ball, the romantic feelings that she had for him start to revive. However, Nora can hardly imagine that the very handsome gentleman would fall in love with her after years of friendship. As if this were not enough, the same night, Gerard witnesses an embarrassing misunderstanding that makes an earthshaking change in Nora’s life. Will she cover up a scandal that might destroy her reputation? Will she manage to win Gerard’s heart, or her only wish to be loved will remain unfulfilled?

Lord Gerard Colbourne is a kind and refined Baron. Since his father’s death one year ago, he has been responsible for controlling their poor estates and being a guard of his mother and sister. Following his mother’s advice to find a bride, Gerard attends a ball that will remain indelibly printed on his mind forever. Much to his surprise, he finds himself into a scheme of a ruse relationship to save his good friend’s younger sister. How far will Gerard go to rescue her? Will he protect Nora only for the sake of friendship, or will he realize that in her eyes, he has found more than what he bargained for?

Over the course of their plan, a deep and tender affection is growing between Nora and Gerard. However, a series of unexpected events will lead to a social war between families, and another misunderstanding that threatens to keep them apart. What will Nora and Gerard sacrifice for their love? Will they endure all the obstacles that emerge, or will they be condemned to live in pain forever?

“A Baron Worth Loving” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Bride for the Sake of Duty

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Eleanor has wished for true love ever since she was a little girl, but she has no other choice but to marry a man she knows nothing about, due to her father’s definite will. To make matters worse, her new husband leaves right after their nuptials on his first trip overseas. After two years of loneliness, Miles returns and he’s even more handsome than she remembers, but he still remains a complete stranger to her. Could she ever grow feelings for him after all this time? Will she eventually get the one thing she has always dreamt of?

Miles Fitzroy craves adventure but he has to get wed to honour his father’s wishes. His wife may be breathtaking, but he has no time to get to know her before he leaves for India. Now that he is finally back home, he finds himself longing for something other than the sea. He realizes that it might be the journey of falling in love that has been missing from his life. Could he ever choose the warmth of his beautiful wife over the exciting life of an adventurer?

Two strangers are bound together forever, but it won’t be easy to create a genuine bond after their long separation. A string of mishaps and adventures that follow can either bring them together forever or tear them apart for good. Will Eleanor get her wish for a true, heart-melting romance? Will Miles finally find a place to call home in Eleanor’s eyes?

“Bride for the Sake of Duty” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Falling for the Mysterious Viscount

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When Lavinia Beaumont, the second daughter of a privileged Baron, attends her first London season, her expectations are not high. Being rather spirited and bookish, high society bores and frustrates her. She believes that a man’s character is more important than his wealth, so when she meets a handsome commoner with refreshing ideas her heart will shiver for the first time. But what if this charming man is hiding something? Will Lavinia have the courage to accept the truth when it comes to the surface?

Samuel, an honorable Viscount, is tired of ladies chasing him just for his title and wealth and wishes to avoid this season at all cost. When the time comes, he and his friend concoct a marvelous plan: Samuel will disguise himself as a commoner, and find out who likes him for his character and not for his title. His plan will change unexpectedly when he meets a beautiful lady, who disdains nobility… Does he have any chance to change her mind and win her heart, without revealing who he truly is?

Samuel knows that he is playing with fire, with the beautiful and opinionated Miss Lavinia Beaumont. But as the stakes are raised, and the deception deepens, they must face the truth about themselves or risk losing any chance of love or happiness. Can they find a way to finally resolve their differences and eventually reveal themselves, as they truly are?

“Falling for the Mysterious Viscount” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady Defying All for Love

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Eliza Steele is the only daughter of a respected clergyman in a quiet English town. Her life has always been simple and peaceful until, one day, a new family moves to town and her world is about to get upside down. After she realizes she has started falling for the new family’s eldest son, things will inevitably get more complicated than ever. When she finds out that the newcomers are hiding something, will she find the courage to get to the bottom of the mystery and the compassion to handle what she finds lying there?

Benedict Flynn is the eldest son of a highly respected family. When his father, a particularly outspoken member of the House of Lords, gets accused of having widely misused his wealth, Benedict’s family doesn’t really have a choice…Disappearing from London’s social scene seems to be the only way to protect themselves from the malicious rumours. However, when a past acquaintance finds out about them, Benedict needs to take immediate action to preserve his family’s reputation. Will he be brave enough to share his secret with the charming lady he meets in town, and ask for her help? And will he dare to admit his feelings for her?

Eliza and Benedict soon find themselves in the middle of a web of scandal and confusion; a situation they could have never imagined. Will the chemistry between them be strong enough to help them fight anything that comes into their way? Will Eliza find the strength to defy everything in the name of love?

“A Lady Defying All for Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Perfect Match

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Emelia Wells is a wealthy merchant’s daughter and hosting social events is what she loves the most. When her childhood friend asks her to lift his brother’s spirits by finding him a wife, she finds the challenge quite intriguing. Little does she know, though, that by getting involved in love games, she could have her own heart fooled. Will she ever admit that the man she is trying to uplift might be the one who makes her own heart fly? Or will she back down due to the overwhelming situation she and her friend have fallen into?

Montgomery Shaw has recently lost his beloved father and has experienced unbearable pain and loss. His father inspired him to study medicine and now he has become a real gentleman, wishing to offer to others. Even though he is determined to never fall in love, reality proves him wrong. When his brother’s best friend, Emilia, approaches him, he won’t be able to neglect the feelings he starts to develop. But is he ready to chase the love he has denied all this time or will his fear of heartbreak make him refuse happiness?

Montgomery does want love despite his losses, but if he is not willing to open up, he will lose the love of his life. Emelia has never felt such an affection for any man and doesn’t know how to express herself, but this one may get away if she doesn’t speak up. Can they all sort out this confusion and find their perfect matches by each other’s side?

“A Lady’s Perfect Match” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Fearless Lady Craving Freedom

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Charlotte Livingston has never known anything but comfort and security. She was raised in a wealthy Regency family, she is engaged to a man of good social standing, and her life seems to be more than settled. However, deep inside she knew that she would gladly give up the wealth and comfort of her position to live an adventure. When she discovers the news that her dearest cousin goes missing, Charlotte’s only option is to take action, and set out on an expedition in order to find her. But will she dare to lay aside what society expects of her to embrace the yearning for adventure she’s always harboured in her heart?

Ewan Sinclair is old enough to be experienced but young enough to retain youthful vigour. Having fled his home for years now, he is tracing his own path in life, making a name for his ability to find lost people. When two desperate sisters ask for his help in order to find their missing cousin, his financial situation gives him no choice but to accept the offer. Little had he known, before asking the older sister to join him in his investigation, how his life was about to change at that moment. Will he eventually let his prejudice aside and leave a space for love in his heart?

A thrilling adventure soon brings Charlotte and Ewan closer than they ever thought they would be and creates unprecedented emotions between them. But when the situation is about to get harder and harder, will they be ready to conquer their fears? Will they choose to risk everything in the name of freedom and love?

“A Fearless Lady Craving Freedom” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Mysterious Origin

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Joanna has a secret need to become more in life than just the companion to a Duke’s daughter. However, with her parents being a dark mystery and nothing to look forward to, she feels condemned to a dull life for the rest of her years. Her life will soon take a strange turn though, when the nephew of the Duchess will take an interest in her, leaving her strangely unsettled and making her heart beating faster. But how could a romance between a girl of no origin and a nobleman ever flourish?

Leonard, Viscount of Hethersett, is a man who knows his duty to his family. His return to London has secured him a marriage, but he would rather spend time with the lovely companion of his cousin than obey his parent’s wishes. However, he will soon face a dilemma that will question his very values. Will he decide that his own feelings are more important than what society demands? Will he choose love over duty?

Sometimes, even the best of intentions tend to go all awry. And just when Leonard has started winning Joanna’s trust, everything will be on the verge of collapsing. How will he make it up to her and her broken heart? Will the mystery of Joanna’s origin ever be solved?

“A Lady’s Mysterious Origin” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Mysterious Past of a Delicate Flower

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Flora Hendley was born in France, but she wishes she knew more about her family’s past. After her parents died under mysterious circumstances, her family’s once-honoured name became a subject of scorn in England. Things will soon change when on her nineteenth birthday she will discover a shocking truth about her inheritance… While word of a hidden fortune brings mysterious treasure-hunters out of the woodwork, there will be a dashing gentleman among them, capable of shaking her world. But will he be someone that she can trust, or just another person trying to take advantage of her?

Spencer Padgett is clever and ambitious. He is ready to do whatever is expected of him for the King and the Country, even if that means he will have to lie. But when it comes to meeting a fascinating young lady and recovering a fortune owed to the Crown, his thoughts will never be that clear again. Will he obey his common sense warning him to stay away from her? Or will he sacrifice his unshakable need for control in the name of the feelings he has started having for the first time in his life?

While Flora delves into a past that she wanted to keep hidden, Spencer has to face his emotions and harden his heart against the beautiful lady. Will the secrets revealed and the perplexing situation make them enemies? Or will they manage to put aside all of their doubts in the name of love?

“The Mysterious Past of a Delicate Flower” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Longing for a Liberating Love

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Alina is trapped in a loveless marriage, tied to a husband who disdains her. She has resigned herself to a life in his shadow, but suddenly tragedy strikes and harsh reality forces her to now live as a repentant widow. When her husband’s lawyer approaches her and appears more than willing to offer her the protection she needs, she will find herself in total despair, unable to make a choice. Will she lay aside her doubts for a chance at love? Or will she deny herself this opportunity, fearing that society will frown down on her?

Theodore has worked his entire life for a chance to prove himself and rise to a place of respect as a barrister. However, when he becomes the one to deliver the tragic news of one of his clients’ fate to his beautiful wife, he will start changing the way he has been facing things in life so far. His heart was aching watching this woman suffering all along, but now it is his time to finally intervene and show her his affection: everything she has ever longed for. Will he risk everything to touch the heart of a woman that once belonged to another?

Just when Alina and Theodore start admitting to themselves the feelings and tenderness they have developed for each other, some dreadful news is about to reach the town. How far are they willing to get in order to claim their chance at happiness?

“Longing for a Liberating Love” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Secret Admirer of an Extraordinary Lady

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Lydia Gibbs is much more interested in drawing beautiful dresses than settling for something less than a fairytale love. But when she unexpectedly starts receiving anonymous letters from a secret admirer, she begins to dream of a love she never knew she could have. The situation becomes further complicated when she starts to see a different side of her childhood friend, someone she used to despise as a young girl. Will she dare to fall for someone she has never even met, or will she realise that someone else entirely is worth her attention?

Anthony Boyle has always found pleasure in teasing his best friend’s little sister. When one day he takes it too far and she walks off leaving him standing with everyone looking at him, he starts plotting his revenge. But the lesson he’s planning to teach her is one he will be taught himself when he starts realising that he has fallen in love with her. How will he be able to resolve the situation he created without losing the only woman he has ever loved?

Anthony and Lydia will find themselves in amusing situations where one will always be a step ahead of the other. Who will be the one to claim Lydia’s heart when all the cards are on the table?

“The Secret Admirer of an Extraordinary Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Way to Capture a Marquess’s Heart

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Alice Campell has been burned once before by betrayal and unrequited love, so marriage is not a topic she wishes to discuss. When she meets a charming Marquess who also loathes the very thought of romance, she is more than excited to have made a new friend. Soon enough, she finds herself in a position of questioning even her own feelings, until she realizes her father’s gambling habit has put her family in a precarious financial position. Could a secretly arranged marriage get them out of this messy situation or is it too late already?

Luke Conolly, son of a Duke, was abandoned by his mother as a child. He fears that he will get hurt again, so he trusts no one, while avoiding having any romantic interactions whatsoever. When he meets a young lady who amazingly shares his opinions on marriage and their stubborn fathers’ habits, something will just change. Friendship sparks between them, quickly evolving into something that Luke never expected. Will this charming lady make him reconsider his beliefs or is he too stubborn to deny his only chance for love?

Unbeknownst to Alice, a hidden deal has been made, which threatens to cost her more than just her freedom… Will Luke eventually convince her to trust him and believe that his feelings for her were always true?

“The Way to Capture a Marquess’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Her Duke in the Making

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Anne knows exactly what the Season will hold for her. The only thing she has to do is convince her parents that the man she has chosen is a good match for her. That seems like a trifle until her mother enlists her help to get the new Duke of Somerset ready for the Season as well. Ever the dutiful daughter, she agrees to give him etiquette lessons but only if he agrees to help her with her own plans as well. Will their unusual deal pave the way for them to grow true feelings for each other?

In order to keep him safe from his brother, Thomas’s mother took him and fled to America. Now that his brother is dead Thomas must return to England to claim his birthright and become the Duke of Somerset. Raised an American and suddenly thrown into English society, Thomas has no one to turn to except perhaps the same woman who had once helped his American mother assimilate. Will he be willing to let her beautiful daughter teach him the British ways?

When matters of the heart are concerned, the future can never be predictable. In undertaking a bizarre, yet fascinating task, will Anne and Thomas be able to see that what they need is right in front of them? Will love blossom in a most unusual place?

A Regency romance topped with a generous dose of humorous situations, chemistry and sparks! Perfect for those ready to have their hearts taken!

“Her Duke in the Making” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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For the Love of a Gracious Duke

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Ellen’s marriage was not at all what she expected it to be. When tragedy strikes and she is left a penniless widow, she has no choice but to give up her life of comfort. However, when she crosses paths with a man from her past and he offers to help her, it only further complicates things. She is suddenly faced with the only man who could make her heart skip a beat, only now she is not his equal. Could she defy their differences and give him a chance?

Lewis, Duke of Cornwall, is hesitant to take on his childhood friend as his servant when she shows up at his door. But she’s too stubborn to accept charity and he is not prepared to have her walk out of his life again. His efforts to rekindle their friendship are thwarted by Ellen’s insistence on propriety but he will not give up that easily. The heart wants what it wants and he believes that finding her again is a sign they were meant to be together. Can he make her forget her past heartache and betrayal and trust him?

Fate meant for them to find each other again at a time when a true friendship is needed. What happens when the lines between friendship and love are slowly blurring?

“For the Love of a Gracious Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Smitten with an Ethereal Lady

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Lady Charlotte Lumley knows that she can never aspire to have a normal life, like any other lady in her position would. Many years ago, an accident on a rainy day, had put an end to any chance of her becoming a bride. Charlotte has resigned herself to an inevitable fate – she became a social recluse, who even her parents never speak of, because of the affliction that torments her; a ghost daughter, who must stay hidden away. But when she meets the kind and handsome Marquess, her heart flutters for the first time! Can she let go of her secret and believe that love is on the cards for her too?

Sebastian, the Marquess of Wharton, has no desire to marry. The vapid society ladies that his mother insists on throwing on his path do not interest him at all. All that changes when he suddenly meets a beautiful lady on a crowded street, and he is forced to reconsider his perspective. Despite all his mother’s efforts, Sebastian is smitten with the mysterious Charlotte and cannot stop thinking about her. Will he be able to discover her well-kept secret and convince her that she is the one who owns his heart?

Even though they were instantly attracted to each other, each one repelled those thoughts for their own reasons. Nonetheless, avoiding that powerful chemistry cannot last long. Can Charlotte ever hope to let go of her painful past, and learn to embrace life, and a chance of true love? Will Sebastian be able to break free of society’s norms and follow his heart?

“Smitten with an Ethereal Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Courtship to Remember

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Elizabeth Ramsbury is only interested in pursuing her independence and her musical talent. Unfortunately, the entrapment of matrimony looms over her head like a bad omen. After her father forces her hand, she sees no other choice but to take the only honourable route and find a suitable match to marry. A fortuitous meeting at a ball leads her to make an elaborate plan with the Baron to convince everyone that they are courting. What happens when their scheme paves the way for true feelings to start blossoming? Will Elizabeth realize that she can find the love and passion music has given her in a different place too?

Lord Cavendish, Baron of Bedford has been rejected by his only true love. Dejected and heartbroken, he mourns the loss pitifully. He believes that he can only be whole again when he wins her back. His prayers are answered when a beautiful woman he meets by chance gives him the perfect opportunity to make his lost love crawl back to him. But he soon finds himself unwittingly enchanted by her grace, beauty and pleasant company. What if what he’s looking for is right in front of him?

It may have been pure chance when they met for the first time, but is it fate that will bring them together? Sometimes love can be found when you least expect it, even in the best-laid plans! Will they both realise that their goals, as well as their hearts perfectly aligned?

“A Courtship to Remember” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Lost Love of a Stunning Lady

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Mimi Hancock, the daughter of a common tradesman, fell in love with her neighbor Richard Warren at first sight. But when Mimi’s beauty captures the eye of Hugh Templeton, Duke of Hertford, her mother’s repressed desire to move up the ladder of society is awakened. Mimi is ordered to abandon her dreams of a happy life with Richard and be amiable to the Duke at all costs. Will she sacrifice her own hopes to please her mother, possibly losing her one true love in the process?

Richard Warren is captivated by Mimi’s rare beauty but fate wants them apart. After tragic circumstances, she is forced to move to Paris. Feeling hopeless without her, Richard joins the army, but when he finally returns home, he is left with a shameful secret and a terrible case of mental trauma from the war. On top of that, he fears that he has lost Mimi for good, since she seems to be under the Duke’s spell. Does he have the strength and courage to fight for her even though her mother does not approve of him? Will he be able to win her heart again?

No matter where they go, Mimi and Richard cannot escape the gossip and deception that surrounds them. Can they both overcome everything that keeps them apart and reignite the fire of their lost love?

“The Lost Love of a Stunning Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Charming Lady for the Intriguing Baronet

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If Selina had her way, she would gladly marry a commoner and live out her days in pure happiness. Meeting Alex reinforces her belief that the life that she has dreamt about may be right in front of her. But then she discovers Alex’s true identity! How could she understand the reasons behind his little trickery and be open to explore their powerful connection?

Alexander Russell, the sixth Baronet of Chesterfield, knows that he bears the heavy duty of producing an heir. Moreover, he is no ignorant to women trying to trap him into marriage, and that only makes him shy away from marrying. Until he meets Selina who is a breath of fresh air! She gives him hope, only to take it away when she rejects him for the very reason that makes him the most eligible bachelor for miles around. Can he convince her that he is “the one” for her?

Their first encounter was what connected them but also what kept them apart. Even if Selina can’t forget, will she be able to forgive Alexander, and finally admit her growing feelings towards him? Can the charming Baronet compensate for a rocky start and earn Selena’s trust so that they can overcome the obstacles and experience this electric connection between them?

“A Charming Lady for the Intriguing Baronet” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady for the Forsaken Earl

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Madelene is on the run. She refuses to become an Earl’s forced bride merely to settle her uncle’s gambling debt. Using her only means of escape, a male disguise, she flees to London, where she will board a ship to her freedom. But her plans go askew when a run-in with bandits brings her face-to-face with the very last man she wanted to meet. Young Madelene finds the Earl intriguing, but her guard is up. As a new danger grows imminent, will Madelene be captured and forced into an unwanted marriage, or will the man she once feared be the one to rescue her?

Lord Hugh Trentham has returned from the war with an injury on his leg and the title of Earl of Scarbrough waiting for him. This title though does not come free of guilt! Hurt and betrayed from his late wife, he finds himself winning the hand of a young maiden through a bet. Will his tormented past prevent him from carrying on with this union, or will this young Lady save his aching heart?

While he sets out to discover the truth hidden behind the curious boy’s wary eyes, he unearths more than he bargained for. Will he accept his chance of redemption, or will he allow his past to devour his newfound happiness?

“A Lady for the Forsaken Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Revenge of the Betrayed Duke

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When Edward decided to join the army with his friends and set off to war, he had no idea what a journey awaited him. His only company being his love’s medallion, he found himself trapped in a long adventure filled with betrayal and deceit. Lost and exiled, Edward can think of nothing but Emily and her enduring faithfulness to get him through. Will he ever find his way back to his home and to the heart of the woman he left behind?

Emily Daventry watched her friends and her love of her life march for war with a heavy heart. The only thing she could cling to was that one day Edward would come back for her. She had to wait, no matter what. When dreadful news comes that Edward was killed during the war, Emily vows to seal her heart and never love again. But with her love gone and her family in need of saving, will Emily stay true to her promise?

With Edward seeking revenge, feeling that all his life was a lie, and Emily unwillingly settling in an arrangement she would never expect, will love give them a second chance? Life has been unfair to them, but will they find the courage to face the hard truth and start over?

“The Revenge of the Betrayed Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Falling For The Heartbroken Duke

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Lord Robert Weston, living the life of a Duke’s second son, is thrown in among the elite of London’s bon ton, while he chafes against the conformities and gossip of the very rich. When his childhood sweetheart, Lady Judith Barton, reappears in town after three years, she has much more to say than hello.

He is thrilled to see her again, but his hopes are soon to be destroyed. When her vanity prevails, his affectionate heart is played and love promises are broken. Not only is he heartbroken, his reputation slips down towards a path where it’s very hard to return from. Will he be able to overcome all the hardships and take his life on his own hands?

Lady Phoebe Sinclair, having lost her dear mother, is back in London after two years in Paris. When tragedy strikes again, Lady Phoebe’s cousin from Scotland, comes to London to claim his inheritance. Amid glittering parties, ton gossip and mutual friends, Lord Robert and Lady Phoebe’s paths cross when Lord Robert’s father and brother both succumb to typhus.

She is instantly enchanted but she has already heard all the vile things that are being said on his account. She avoids contact with him in any possible way, but when she finally finds herself imprisoned in a marriage arrangement she never wanted, who is going to come to her rescue?

When social pressure to produce an heir comes down to Lord Robert’s head, will he be able to make the right decision and solve a seemingly unsolvable mystery? While true happiness finally seems like a dream come true, life or death challenges never cease to come up…

“Falling For The Heartbroken Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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For the Love of a Duchess

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Lady Eliza Ashton, daughter of the Earl of Bexley, had always thought her life would be a straight pathway to happiness.

Engaged to be married to the devastatingly handsome Miles Gainsborough, Eliza could never have imagined how easily happiness could turn into disaster. When her father tells her that she is the only hope of saving the family from financial ruin, she finds herself set to marry the Duke of Lytton instead.

Daniel Winchester, an accomplished and successful attorney, finds his simple existence at Lytton Hall turned upside down by the arrival of the Duke’s new young bride.

Determined to think her a young title-hunter, he is surprised to find himself drawn to her as every day passes. When the old Duke, his ego bruised by the realization that the beautiful young woman will never love him, becomes increasingly aggressive, Daniel is the only man with courage enough to defend her.

But when the old Duke dies, will Eliza allow the threat of scandal and the fear of condemnation to turn her away from the only man she has ever truly loved? And will Daniel Winchester ever find a pathway leading to the heart of the young woman who occupies his every thought?

“For the Love of a Duchess” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Damsel for the Daring Duke

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When James Harrington, heir to the Duchy of Sandford, goes to see an old friend in the east of the county, it is to do no more than escape his father’s constant interference in his life. The old Duke is determined that his son marry soon and marry a bride of his choosing. But when James meets the beautiful Miss Charlotte Cunningham, he knows that his few days away look set to complicate his life further still.

Charlotte Cunningham can hardly believe the audacity of the handsome man who stared at her so openly at Hanover Hall. And when she discovers he is the son of a Duke, she is no better impressed. But James Harrington is not a man to be put off, and he quickly sets about courting the bright young woman.

However, when the old Duke unearths a shocking secret, James knows that all his hope for happiness has gone. He is left with only one option – leave the woman he loves without explanation, or risk her discovering the truth and being ruined forever.

When the dust settles, and the years have passed, can James ever find a way back into the heart of the only woman he has ever loved? And can Charlotte ever forgive him and learn to trust him once again?

“A Damsel for the Daring Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Soulmate for the Heartbroken Duke

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When Lord Thomas Carlton, second son of the Duke of Shawcross, decides one fateful afternoon in his youth to befriend the beautiful Lady Catherine Ambrose, he could never conceive of the events that would follow. Tired of his father’s bullying and arrogance, he thinks he will amuse himself by making a friend of the daughter of the Duke’s bitterest enemy; The Earl of Barford. Little did he know how he would fall in love with Lady Catherine and let loose a chain of events that could seemingly be stopped by nothing and nobody.

Lady Catherine Ambrose, daughter of the Earl of Barford, knew what it was to grow up in a household where little was thought of a young woman. Her father was more concerned with his bitter feud with the Duke of Shawcross than the welfare of his offspring. When Thomas Carlton first speaks with her at a summer ball, Catherine thinks him daring and amusing, not to mention handsome. But, within a short space of time, she finds herself hopelessly in love with him. A love that would never, ever fade.

When the two are discovered and parted by their families, Catherine finds herself adrift in a world she does not know, a place so far from home. But will she find peace there? And can her new family help her through the most shocking event of her life? And, when all is settled, can the two young lovers finally make their way back to each other and live in the love that should have been theirs all along?

“A Soulmate for the Heartbroken Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Damsel For The Mysterious Duke

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Recovering from a lengthy illness, Georgina Jeffries is sent to convalesce in the Devonshire home of her father’s cousin. Finding an instant friendship with his daughter, Fleur, the two of them eagerly await a garden party to be held on the fine estate of the young and handsome Duke of Calder. But when she first meets him, Georgina is certain that she knows him from somewhere, she just cannot place the handsome man anywhere in her memory.

Emerson Lockhart is a man with a secret. Now the Duke of Calder, he is painfully aware that he was not always so. And when he meets Miss Georgina Jeffries again after more than ten years, he is relieved to realize that she does not recognize him as the boy who was once a servant in her home; the boy who had once been her only friend.

But when the Duke lets his old nickname for her slip, Georgina finds herself spiraling back in time, instantly remembering young Sammy White, the servant boy and childhood friend who had disappeared so suddenly and without explanation so many years before.

As a team, can the two of them discover the young Duke’s true origins? And can they, along the way, finally navigate the growing romance which both of them would try to deny?

“A Damsel For The Mysterious Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Kind Ella and the Charming Duke

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Following the death of her beloved father, Ella Winfield is devastated when her mother, a woman with untamed social aspirations, hastily marries the Earl of Dandridge. He is a humorless man, and one whom Ella does not trust for a moment.

Leaving her beloved Longton Manor behind, Ella is cast adrift in the large and unwelcoming Dandridge Hall, despite her desperate plea that her mother need not marry at all.

The Earl’s daughters, Lady Patience and Lady Georgiana, are spoiled and manner less young ladies, used to their own way in all things and fiercely competitive with one another. But when the Duke of Hillington is reported to be searching for a suitable bride, the tension between the sisters reaches new heights.

With Ella’s simple beauty, intelligence, and fine manners, the Earl seeks to hide her away from the world and, more importantly, the Duke of Hillington himself.

When he determines that Ella not attend a masquerade ball to which the whole family has been invited, Ella takes it upon herself to attend in disguise and spy on the ambitious little family for her own amusement.

When she finds herself in anonymous conversation with the Duke himself, she realizes that there is more to him than a man who would seek nothing more than a pretty bride with a large dowry. He is open and amusing and she finds herself quite captivated.

Rufus Darnley, the Duke of Hillington, cannot shake from his mind the curious and exciting young woman who appeared at his masquerade ball uninvited, and he can no longer find any enthusiasm for his search for a wife with whom he might provide an heir to the Duchy.

When he finds the discarded mask of the mysterious woman who left the ball without a word, he holds on to the hope that he might one day discover her true identity.

As the Earl of Dandridge plots the most appalling schemes to keep the Duke interested in his own daughters, Ella Winfield must do what she can to stop the man she is fast becoming attracted to from being steered in the direction of either Lady Patience or Lady Georgiana, all without being discovered by the family who have, one by one, turned their backs upon her.

“Kind Ella and the Charming Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Check out the Preview here

A Beauty for the Scarred Duke

Check out the Preview here

As young girls, Lady Isabella Tate, daughter of the Earl of Upperton, and her friend, Esme, told each other terrifying tales of the monster. But not just any monster. This monster was alive and living in his old mansion behind a tangle of overgrown hawthorn trees in the very same county. This monster was none other than Elliot Covington, the Duke of Caldwell.

The Duke of Covington, scarred for life in a fire which claimed the lives of those dearest to him has been hiding in his mansion for almost eighteen years. He knows he is a figure of fear and speculation in the county and chose many years before to live a life of self-imposed isolation. But he is the loneliest Duke in all of England. When the Earl of Upperton sells his daughter off as a bride for the disfigured Duke, Isabella has never been more terrified. Due to marry a man she has never met and always believed to be a monster, she truly believes her life is over.

But is life with the Duke really something to be afraid of? Will Isabella be able to get past her own prejudice and see the man beneath the scars? And will the Duke be able to let go of the pain and guilt that has swallowed him whole for almost two decades and find a new life with a new love?

“A Beauty for the Scarred Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Check out the Preview here

A Bride for the Betrayed Earl

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When Hunter Bentley, the Earl of Addison, returns from Scotland, it is to find that the love of his life has married another. On a mission of mercy to see his beloved father through his final days in the country he loved, Hunter is unaware that the woman he was set to marry, feeling neglected by his absence, has accepted a proposal of marriage from the Duke of Galcross. Still, Lady Felicity Morgan was always a little spoiled and a little ambitious.

Weeks later, Emmeline Fitzgerald suffers the worst humiliation of her life. Just months after the death of her beloved father, the man she is set to marry publicly announces his engagement to another. Feeling all eyes on her, Emmeline almost turns to run, but her dignity is saved by none other than the Earl of Addison. Within days the Earl, a man she barely knows, makes her a most unusual proposal; a marriage of convenience. He is looking for a wife so that he might produce an heir to his title and estate. She needs a husband of means to save her, her mother, and sister from financial ruin when her second cousin, Kent Fitzgerald, finally inherits her father’s estate some months after his passing.

Finding they have more in common than they could have imagined, can Hunter and Emmeline find the path to true love? Or will the constant interference from Felicity and Kent Fitzgerald drive a wedge between them?

“A Bride for the Betrayed Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 70,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Check out the Preview here

A Lady for the Brazen Earl

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When Lady Imogen Pennington falls upon the idea of using the London Season as a means of raising funds for a charitable scheme, she thinks it will be the simplest of things. With her friend, Lady Redmond at her side, the two embark upon a mission to attend as many social events as possible with the intention of opening every wealthy purse in sight. But it is all for a good cause; and a heartbreaking one as Imogen discovers when she and Lady Redmond find themselves wandering the dismal corridors of a workhouse for the poor of Lambeth.

Heath Montgomery, the young and arrogant Earl of Reddington had always enjoyed a life of privilege, free from cares and conscience. Looking forward to the London Season as always, he allows his determined mother a little latitude in searching for a wife for him; one with wealth of her own to swell the coffers of the Reddington Estate. Miss Jemima Ravenswood, daughter of a rich and ambitious Baron, seems to fit the bill. She is beautiful and as keen to secure herself a title as her father is.

But when the Earl finds himself crossing conversational swords with the caring and tenacious Lady Pennington, he wonders if beauty and fortune are enough for him anymore. When he finally falls for the curious Lady Pennington, will the Earl find he has gone too far and been too arrogant to ever win her heart?

“A Lady for the Brazen Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Check out the Preview here

A Governess for the Brooding Duke

Check out the Preview here

When Georgette Darrington’s father dies suddenly and with serious debts, she imagines things cannot get any worse. But when her attorney tells her that the family home must be sold to pay the debts, leaving her penniless and without a home, her only choice is to become a governess.

In no time at all, Georgette finds herself in the grand mansion of the Duke of Draycott, teaching his delightful, orphaned nieces. But, the more time Georgette spends with the little girls, the more she realizes they are missing their home and life in Wales, not to mention their own language. Georgette must find a way to convince the Duke to take an interest in the girls’ lives, and she must also find a way to keep their native language alive despite his determined instructions to the contrary.

As the tragic tale of the Duke’s sister and her forbidden love unfolds, Georgette must struggle with the deprivations of her lowered status, not to mention the spiteful plots and schemes of a jealous housekeeper and nurse. As her loneliness threatens to overwhelm her, Georgette must find a way put the splintered family back together, even as she battles her own feelings of love for the handsome, taciturn Duke.

“A Governess for the Brooding Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Check out the Preview here

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  1. I could not find a place to review the book “A Beauty for the Scarred Duke ” I will put a review on Amazon but I wanted you to know personally how much I enjoyed this beautiful book. Using letters to Esme to convey Isabella’s thoughts and feelings was wonderful. This was a beautifully written book- I cried and laughed , as well. I could feel her fear and trepidation as she entered the tower, you fall in love with Elliott as she does….and feel her joy as she sees Esme again. I read a lot of historical romances and this is the best one I have read in years. I look forward to reading your other books! Goodluck to you, Joni Barone

  2. I agree with the previous comment about a beauty for the scarred Duke it was the first book of yours that I read. Now I want to read more and more. I get really lost in your books

  3. I loved the story A Beauty for the scarred Duke i could not put it down i like it better than your Governess for the Brooding Duke and hope you will do some similar stories .
    Its nice to have a diserbilty in the story line and i do look out for books like the one you wrote.
    And would like the copy of the free book please,and thank you
    Kind regards Barbara

  4. Just wondering if you’d consider releasing your books on audible? I’ve enjoyed reading this series and would love to listen to them too.

  5. I don’t often read these type of books but I bought A Damsel for a Mysterious Duke. I absolutely loved it. I loved the mystery and the friends/family working together to solve the mystery. I also like to read sequels and would love to read about Fleur and Jeremy. Do you have any plans for telling their stories.

  6. I have just started reading your books and I am hooked,I am trying to catch up on all your book. I love the love mystery broken hearted uplifting,everything that keeps me reading!!!

  7. I have read several of your books and dearly love them. I can not put them down till I finish the book. Thank you

  8. Hi there,
    I was wondering if any of your books are in audio format?
    I love listening to books when I’m driving, Cleaning my home, doing laundry, sewing, cooking, and relaxing in the hot tub. You get a lot done! But I love reading when I’m riding my exercise bike, talk about burning calories and not even realizing it. The next thing you know it’s an hour down and you don’t want to stop reading so you keep riding and burning the calories.

    1. You are right Laura, this is a great way to get things done! Unfortunately my books are not currently on audio form. May I suggest you use the reading assistant option on Kindle? I hope this helps!

  9. What are names of the books that the stories about Fleur’s and Esme they were in the book A Damsel for the Mysterious Duke

      1. Thanks for asking. I have looked for follow up on Fluer poor mother of the Duke Esme. Maybe we will get to the ‘epilogue of those interesting characters !

    1. Thanks for asking. I have looked for follow up on Fluer poor mother of the Duke Esme. Maybe we will get to the ‘epilogue of those interesting characters !

  10. I just finished reading three of your books and loved them. However, on my Kindle, it showed that there were some epilogues to each of them. I can’t seem to find them, and the link didn’t work. Any ideas?

  11. Hello wonderfully creative Bridget Barton! You have brought me much joy during our long PA winter this year. I am so thankful I happened upon your books on Amazon. In December of 2018, I portrayed Mrs. Higgins (Mother of Henry Higgins) in My Fair Lady in our local community theater. I enjoyed reading your books hearing the voices in the delightful British accent I had studied. Sadly, I have now purchased the last of your books. Is it possible to read the free gift book you emailed me on my kindle? Also, do you know of any authors whose books are set in this time period, also “clean,” and are very well written like yours? Thanks so very much for your help! Jen

    1. I’m humbled, my dear!

      I’m really grateful for your support and kind feedback!

      I will send you a personal email with instruction on how to get your copy of my free book on your Kindle:)

  12. Hello Bridget, I have just finished reading A Governess for the Brooding Duke. Hamilton and Georgette have endured so much loss . It’s wonderful for him to find love, Georgette to be reestablished in society and the sweet little girls to have family again. It is the first of your books that I have read and thoroughly enjoy your style. At the end of the story it talks of an Extended Epilogue. I have not been able to get the download to finish on my Kindle. I so hope you can help me get a copy of it. I’m most anxious to know if they have one baby or twins and if Georgette has promoted Daisy to being her lady maid.

  13. Dear Mrs. Barton,
    I have enjoyed every one of your books…save for one. I will not detail which one as I do not believe my dislike is attributed to your talent, but rather the nature of the material and how the story unfolded. I did however want to ask if this is the entirety of the list of your books…as I wish to experience every one of them.
    Thanking you in advance,

  14. Is there a sequel to The Honorable Rosalinda’s Heart? Given the ending, it seems like there out to be.

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