A Beauty for the Scarred Duke – Extended Epilogue


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Chapter One

“I hardly know what to say, Isabella. I mean, I know that you did not care for your father, and with good reason, but I daresay you are not entirely inert to the news.” Esme Tavistock was as soothing as always.

Esme’s marriage to Rupert Tavistock more than five years earlier had changed nothing in the relationship of the two women. Esme was as much Isabella’s friend as she had been all her life, and her visits to Coldwell Hall had never diminished, even though she now had her own child.

“As always, I can rely on you to immediately perceive my mixed feelings, Esme.” She smiled before turning to look at her husband, the Duke of Coldwell. “As did you, my dear Elliot. How fortunate I am to have two such dear people in my life.”

“And we are fortunate to have you, my dear.” Elliot smiled back, his handsome face and green eyes seeming never to age, despite the difference in years between husband and wife.

It had been a very long time since Isabella had even noticed the scars on her husband’s face, gained so many years ago from a most hideous and destructive fire.

But whenever she did think of his scars, Isabella remembered well how Crawford Maguire had told her that she would one day look upon him and not even see the ruined flesh, the angry red patches, and the raised, silvery marks. And how right he had been.

In the six years since her forced marriage to the man she had previously thought a monster, Isabella had been happier than she could ever have imagined.

They had lived a life of learning, growing together as they played the music he composed, never letting go of their old tradition of spending evenings together by candlelight in the music room. And they had two beautiful children, Catherine and Oscar.

It was the birth of Catherine which had finally tempted the Duke back out into society after so many years in self-imposed imprisonment at Coldwell Hall. The unconditional love of his baby daughter had made him realize that the stares and whispered comments of the uncaring few meant nothing to a man who had so much love in his life.

But Esme had also been a big part of things, arranging social events and leading the county by her own example. Esme had never flinched, never been anything other than entirely natural in Elliot’s company, both in private and in public.

“What will you do about the funeral? It has been so many years since you and your father last spoke that I can hardly think you would be expected to attend.” Esme said gently before she set about pouring the tea which had been brewing for some minutes.

“I think I must attend.” Isabella said and felt the weight of silence fall upon the drawing room of Coldwell Hall.

Her father had been a most cruel man and when she had heard that her mother had fallen to her death almost six years before, she had immediately assumed her father to be responsible. When he had told her at her mother’s funeral that it had been her brother Anthony, who had then been but fourteen years old at the time, who had actually killed her, Isabella had believed him.

The old Earl had been gray and withdrawn, his eyes as frightened then as Isabella’s had always been as a young woman in her father’s house. And he had never returned to his full health, at least all reports to her over the years suggested as much.

“You need not do anything you do not wish to do, Isabella.” Elliot rose from his seat on the couch and moved to stand behind his wife’s chair, placing a comforting and warm hand on her shoulder. “I do not care about society at large. You come first, my dear, and I shall not see you do something you are uncomfortable with simply because you think you ought to.”

“Quite right, Your Grace.” Esme said, reinforcing the Duke’s kind words.“Isabella, your husband makes sense. And really, I cannot think it will be anything other than painful to drag up so many old memories. Perhaps it is simply best to let them go.”

“How kind you both are, but I am afraid you misunderstand me.” Isabella said with a smile.

“I daresay it is not the first time.” Elliot said and Esme laughed in some relief at the lightening of the moment.

“Tell us your thoughts, my dear.” Esme handed Isabella a cup and saucer.

“Thank you,” Isabella said as she accepted the tea. “When I said I think I must, I did not mean to satisfy the expectations of anybody.” She paused to take a sip of the tea for her mouth had gone a little dry at the thought of the funeral she truly did not want to attend. “I think I must so that I can put it all to rest in my own mind. Not that my mother’s death fills my every waking thought, but I should like to set it down finally regardless.”

“I think I understand.” Esme said and Elliot nodded in agreement as he retook his seat opposite his wife.

“And I should like to lay eyes on Anthony again.” Isabella spoke quietly, knowing that her utterance would undoubtedly be a little controversial.

“But why?” Elliot said, and his beautiful green eyes widened in concern. “You know what he did and I can only think it will upset you greatly to see him again after all these years.”

“It will, I am sure of it. But I need to look at him. I think I need to see if there is any remorse there for what he has done. After all, he was still a child when he killed my mother. As heinous a crime as that is, he was raised in arrogance by a dreadful man. I need to know if he has begun to follow his own path instead. I need to know if my Father’s change in behavior these last years has made an impact upon my brother at all.”

“I see,” Elliot said as enthusiastically as he could manage. Still, she knew he was not convinced and could not blame him. “Well, you shall not go alone. I shall be there at your side, Isabella.”

“As you were at my mother’s funeral.”She turned loving eyes upon her husband. “As you always are.”

Chapter Two

The funeral was better attended than Isabella had imagined it would be. The old Earl of Upperton had never been a popular man, given that he was brusque and elitist, but still, the county had turned out. No doubt they were just doing what they thought they ought to do, to maintain a certain image in the eyes of the rest.

What a world they lived in!

“I see your brother has grown into a very fine looking young man.” Elliot whispered into her ear as the service was just getting underway.

“Indeed.” She whispered back and nodded. “And there is a young woman at his side. His wife, perhaps?”

“No, I cannot think so. If your brother had married, Crawford would have heard something of it. He misses nothing.”

Crawford Maguire was still a great feature in their lives, and Isabella could not have been more pleased. The bond between the two men was stronger than between brothers, and Isabella would never forget how much of his own life Crawford had dedicated to Elliot in the years when he was so very alone.

“Ah, she must be his fiancée. Or at least they are courting.” Isabella mused. “For look at her father. How self-satisfied he is!”

“Quite.” Elliot laughed gently.

As far as Isabella could see, the father looked very much happier than the daughter. Anthony’s fiancée, if indeed she was his fiancée, looked down at her hymn book as the organist began to play for the first hymn of the service.

But the young woman did not sing at all, she simply looked desolately down at the page. Isabella was so struck by her that she made a study of the young woman for a few minutes.

Standing at the opposite pew, the woman’s eyes continually flicked sideways towards Anthony, almost as if she expected something to happen.

And it was a look that Isabella recognized; the look her own mother had worn for as long as Isabella could remember. It was a nervousness, a kind of quiet flinching. Isabella knew that the young woman was scared of Anthony as surely as if the frail young thing had crossed the church and told her that very thing.

She was so thin and pale with such light hair, and yet her frailty made her delicate; beautiful. No doubt her father, whoever he was, was very pleased with the match, especially on that day of all days. The old earl was buried and his frail daughter was about to become a Countess the moment she was married. There would be no waiting.

Oh, how she despised that father. How she thought he must surely know his daughter’s feelings and, like her father had done before, utterly disregarded them.

With the service finished, the mourners made their way out to the graveside to witness the lowering of the old Earl’s coffin into the ground.

Isabella had walked ahead a little, feeling sure her brother could not resist speaking to her if he thought her alone.

“I had not expected to see you here, Isabella.” He said after hurrying to catch up with her in the gray cool of the early autumn morning.

“He was my father.” She replied sullenly and turned to look at him. “Even if he did not behave like one.”

“Oh dear, still you mourn your lot in life. When will you learn you have no standing in this family?” Anthony, so tall as to be a little overbearing, smirked at her.

“I would never wish for a place in this family. I have a family of my own now and a place in life I like much better.”

“With your monster?” He scoffed.

“Do not speak of my husband in those terms.” She said and then changed the subject, wanting to know more about the frail young woman. “I see that you are now married.” She ventured.

“Not yet, but soon.”

“She is very pretty, Anthony. You must care for her a great deal.”

“She is a woman. A wife and that is all. Nothing more than a carriage in which to carry my heir. That is what you would have been to your husband had the fearful, deformed monster not been so pathetically grateful for a woman who would look at him.” Anthony sneered cruelly.

“You are the only monster.” She retorted angrily. “You are a true monster. Oh yes, I know.”

“You know what?” He said and looked a little upended.

“I know what you did. I know you killed our mother.”

“You have an overactive imagination.”

“No, father told me. He told me what he saw that day. He told me you pushed her.”

“There was no proof at the time and there is no proof now. So, what good does your little bit of knowledge get you?” Anthony had regained his composure and smirked down at her once again.

“Isabella?” Elliot was fast approaching with a look of concern on his face.

“Oh dear, here comes your husband.” Anthony was clearly amused. “The last time I saw him he at least wore a leather hood to hide that dreadful face.”

“He has no need of it anymore. After all, the truly dreadful is the blackness that ravages a dead heart like your own, Anthony.” She said and turned away from him to rejoin her husband.

As she stood at the graveside holding Elliot’s hand tightly, Isabella felt sure that there was no remorse inside her brother at all. Unless, of course, he was doing his best to hide it.

When the Duke and Duchess of Coldwell finally made their way to their carriage at the end of the funeral, Isabella had begun to wish she had never attended. Anthony had been right; what good did her little bit of knowledge really do her?

“Your Grace?” Isabella and Elliot turned to see a well-dressed man holding out a sealed letter.

“Yes?” Elliot said.

“I was the old Earl’s attorney and I have a letter for the Duchess of Coldwell.” He turned to look directly at Isabella. “Your Grace, your father charged me with handing this to you in the event you attended his funeral.” He handed her the letter and bowed briefly before absenting himself.

Chapter Three

“The attorney did not await any instruction from you then?” Crawford Maguire said as he sat in the Duke’s study with Isabella.

“Not at all, Crawford. In fact, I think he was keen to be away before I could gather myself and ask any questions.”

“Do you think he knows the content of the letter?” Crawford, inordinately tall and vaguely stooped as if to avoid low doorways, raised his eyebrows.

Isabella had always been very fond of Crawford. He had treated her as an equal from the very first, never once referring to her husband in matters of her own business.

“I cannot think he does. Perhaps that was why he was so keen to escape. Perhaps he knew he could not answer any questions if we did have them.”

“And what do you intend to do?” Crawford looked her squarely in the eye. “For this decision is very clearly yours alone to take.”

“It most certainly is,” Elliot said, walking quietly into the room. “Whatever you decide, my dear, I shall back you all the way.”

“As shall I, Isabella.” Crawford nodded his agreement.

It had been three days since the funeral and since she had sat in the carriage outside the old church and read the letter. In that time, Isabella had hardly slept, tossing and turning night after night as she fought with her own conscience.

The letter had been written by her father just weeks before he finally passed away. When she opened it in the carriage, Isabella had leaned in towards Elliot so that he might read it with her; she had no secrets from her husband.


I daresay you had hoped never to hear from me again after your mother’s funeral six years ago. I do not blame you and know that if you have not attended my own funeral, then you will not be reading this. My attorney has instructions to hand it to you on the day if you attend and to burn it if you do not.

He is a trustworthy man and so I have no doubt he has carried out my wishes to the full. Not that my attorney’s suitability is anything to you, I am sure.

Perhaps it is time to stop procrastinating and simply tell you why I have chosen to write to you, to make this very last communication when I know my own days are now limited.

The last time we spoke, I told you what I had seen on the day that your brother, Anthony, killed your mother. I have never regretted telling you, even though I wondered if you might choose to do something about it all. But then, what could you have done? There was no evidence but the evidence of my own eyes.

That being the case, it should have been I who chose to do something about it all, but instead, I have left that choice to you.

You see, I could not make that decision in the end. I have realized it too late, but I now know that whatever Anthony did, or goes on to do in this life, is all my own doing. I raised him to intimidate, to be a brute. I did not raise him to be a murderer intentionally, but I am to blame for it nonetheless.

I shall not waste your time nor insult your intelligence by telling you how much of my treatment of you I regret. You deserve better than to listen to the self-pity of an old man who had made grave mistakes and seeks absolution.

In the end, there is only one who can grant me that, and I am yet to meet him, although it cannot be long now.

I shall now come to the point. Isabella, I have enclosed with this letter a signed statement of all that I saw that day. It is the only proof that Anthony committed murder, and the signature was witnessed by my attorney.

It is yours to do with as you wish. I shall leave the vengeance for your mother, the fate of your brother, and the fortunes of the Upperton Estate firmly in your hands. I daresay you could never have imagined that it would be to you that I would finally hand such power.

And yet I know it is a terrible power and one I am certain you will not thank me for.

If you decide to pursue a prosecution for your mother’s death, then the estate will undoubtedly fall to my cousin and his offspring for years to come. If your brother is convicted, that is. Otherwise, if you do not wish for such a responsibility, then you must burn this letter and my statement and leave Anthony to live out his life as he sees fit.

I would beg you, however, to have no further contact with him. I know I treated you badly, but Anthony has a far greater capacity for cruelty than even I had.

Well, I shall end here. I know it is brief, but I cannot even now ask for your forgiveness for all that has passed between us. All I can do is hand you this terrible weight and leave you to decide how you choose to carry it.

Your Father,

Alistair Tate, The Earl of Upperton.”

Isabella sighed, truly feeling that her father had passed her a great weight after all.

“Isabella, the responsibility for avenging your mother is not yours.” Elliot began and Crawford hurriedly agreed. “Neither is the punishment of your brother nor the fate and fortunes of the Upperton Estate. Your father should never have written those words.”

“I feel as you do, Elliot. I do not accept such a responsibility, but I do have another; one my father did not bother to mention.”

“And what is that?”

“The young woman who will one day be Anthony’s wife. She is powerless and she might be in great danger.”

“Yes, I had not thought,” Elliot said quietly. “The poor woman.”

“But are you sure he is still a danger? Perhaps she will be safe.” Crawford said cautiously.

“There is only one way to find out. I must speak to Anthony again.” Isabella sighed.

Chapter Four

Isabella shuddered as she walked in through the great doorway of Upperton Hall, a place she had not seen since she had driven away in her father’s carriage on the day of her marriage to Elliot Covington all those years before.

Elliot had insisted on accompanying her, saying he would not let her go without him. He had never attempted to disallow her anything before, and Isabella knew that he only did so now out of the purest love.

“But I must be allowed to speak with him alone. You must allow me that much.” She had been adamant.

“I shall wait right outside the door and listen. You need only call out and I will be with you.”

And he had done just that. They had arrived unannounced and Elliot had kept himself back, only moving from the entrance hall to stand outside the drawing-room door when the coast was clear.

The drawing room had barely changed in the six years since Isabella had last seen it. It was almost as if she had never been away at all, and the idea made her shudder.

“What ails you now, sister? Why are you here with your pasty face and look of concern?” Anthony said, seeming more amused by her presence than disquieted.

“I wanted to ask you a question.” She said and felt her insides almost shrink.

She knew that Elliot would save her in a heartbeat, but that was not what she feared. What Isabella truly feared was the answer to her question.

“And that is?”

“Do you miss our mother?”

“What?” Anthony’s eyes were wide.

“Do you miss her?”

“It has been six years!” He said and tipped his head back as he boomed with laughter.

“She was your mother, Anthony. Did you not love her at all? Had you never loved her?” Isabella, despite everything she knew about Anthony, felt tears of anguish fill her eyes.

She had wanted to see remorse. She had wanted to believe that Anthony was as much a victim of her father’s cruelty as she had been.

“For God’s sake, why are you crying? It was not you I shoved, after all, was it?” He went on gleefully.

“You seem to be enjoying this. It is as if you relish admitting it all, safe that I cannot prove a thing. But have you no regrets at all? Surely you can see how our father’s behavior has influenced you.”

“He was weak!” Anthony shouted and seemed annoyed at any attempt to suggest he was a product of his father’s upbringing.

“You have not answered my question.” She said as she dashed a tear from her eye. “Did you love our mother?”

“No.” He said firmly, all hint of amusement now gone. “Why should I have? She was nothing to me. She had no place in this house just as you had no place. She had served her purpose. She had provided an heir to the estate and that was it.”

“And you killed her for that?”

“You cannot prove that I did.”

“Yes, but is that why you killed her? Surely you must have had a better reason.”

“Why are you searching for meaning? And why are you searching for remorse?”

“Are you ashamed of your reason? Is that why you will not give it?” Isabella was determined to hear it all.

“I killed her to discover how it felt.” He said and his eyes shone with excitement.

“What?” Isabella said in a low, incredulous whisper.

“You heard me, I killed our mother to see how it felt to take a life. There was nothing more complicated to it than that, my dear.”

“And how did it feel?” Her hands were shaking and her throat was dry and raw.

“It was exquisite.” He said and she saw that the excitement in his eyes had not faded.

Isabella could see how they glazed and she knew he was reliving the whole thing, and it excited him.

“Exquisite?” She said in a strangled sob.

“To have absolute power over life and death is the very greatest power of them all. To stand at the top of a staircase and look at you own hand, knowing that you need only reach out to change everything. That moment…. Oh, that moment.”

“Anthony, that is vile. It is the vilest thing I have ever heard in my life.”

“Oh do stop whining.” He cleared his throat and seemed to return to normal. “You can never know that power and I pity you. It is a feeling like no other. Nothing else in the world will ever come close to that.”

“I cannot stay here. You cannot be helped.” She turned to leave.

“I do not wish to be helped. I do not need to be helped.” He laughed scornfully. “And do not think to return here Isabella, or I shall drag you to the ground by your hair, just as I did before.”

Isabella fled from the room and ran straight into her husband, who looked intent upon charging into the drawing room and beating Anthony for his threats.

Isabella held fast to Elliot’s arm, silently beseeching him to leave there and then, to come away with her and never return.

Chapter Five

By the time they had reached Coldwell Hall, Isabella was pale and utterly exhausted. She stared up the stairs and wondered if she had an ounce of energy left with which to propel herself forward.

Elliot, without a word, scooped her up into his arms and carried her easily up to their chamber as if she were no bigger than a child.

In that moment she was more grateful for her husband’s strength than she had ever been before and she knew she could not have managed her journey home without his loving arms around her.

“I do not think I will be able to sleep.” She said when he laid her gently onto their bed.

“Just try. I will be here with you, I shall not go anywhere.”

“No, you must not stay.”

“But why?”

“I need you to do something for me. Every moment we waste is a moment in which we risk the life of an innocent young woman.” She raised up onto her elbows. “Elliot, you did not see the look in his eyes. He enjoyed it. He killed our mother in cold blood and it excited him.”

“I could hear it in his voice. You do not know what it took for me to stand outside that room and do nothing.”

“I do. I know your heart and your courage, my love.”

“And I think as you do. He will kill again. Retelling your mother’s murder has given him a taste for it again and I think that his young wife is a walking target.”

“Yes. It might be tomorrow, or next week, or next year, but he will do it. He will find some way to feel that terrible power again and he will get away with it if we do not stop him. You must go to Crawford with the statement now. He will know how to proceed.”

“But you are my wife and I do not like to leave you.” He reached out to stroke her cheek.

“I know, but Kitty is here if I need her. And I am just drained, that is all. I am not in danger as that poor young woman is. I could not live with myself if we wasted this moment to her detriment.”

“I love you, Isabella. You are the bravest woman I have ever known.” He kissed her softly before turning to hurry from their chamber.

“And so, it is done.” Crawford Maguire said when the three of them took tea in the drawing room at Coldwell Hall just a week later. “The statement your father made has been taken in seriousness and his attorney confirmed that he not only witnessed his signature but the full content.”

“So, he did know.” Isabella said quietly.

“Yes, and no doubt that knowledge would have been the greatest burden had you never attended your father’s funeral, for he would have been bound to burn it, knowing that the new Earl had committed such an atrocity.” Crawford shook his head in wonder.

“But it is done now,” Elliot said reassuringly. “And Anthony is finally going to receive the justice he has so richly deserved.”

“Yes, and his fiancée is spared. At least until her father can find some other man she does not want to marry.” Isabella sighed.

“You saved her life, Isabella. Unfortunately, you cannot oversee that life now that it is saved.” Crawford smiled warmly at her.

“I hardly know what to do next. This whole business has dredged up so many dark feelings and memories.”

“But this time they can be put in their rightful place. There are no unresolved issues, no strings which need to be cut. It has been a long time coming, but the truth is known and justice will be served.”

“Yes, Elliot, you are right.”

“Of course I am.” He smiled at her. “Nobody knows better than I do how destructive it can be to live with memories and not work them out and lay them to rest. Do not let it be eighteen years before you make your peace with it as I did.”

“I am lucky to have you.”

“As I was to find you. In a way, had it not been for the selfish actions of your father, I would never have met you. I would still be here alone, hiding in my hawthorn tangled mansion with no hope of a life of happiness. I would have no daughter and no son. And I would not have the very finest friend that I have found in my own, beautiful wife.”

“They do say that things happen for a reason,” Crawford said with a mood-lightening laugh.

“I suppose we cannot always see the reasons, but we must just live with that.” Isabella sighed loudly.

“Yes, we must live with it.” Elliot said, and she knew he was thinking of his sister and mother, both lost to the senseless fire which ripped through the tower; the tower Elliot had torn down when Catherine had been born.

“I daresay we all have much to be grateful for; things to look forward to.” Crawford went on. “You have your own family, as I now have my dear wife. And you have your wonderful friends, especially dear Esme, and a place in the world.”

“I agree. It is time to sweep away the past and leave it in its rightful place. In the end, all we can do is live in love, be grateful, and raise our own children in kindness and caring. If my father could teach us anything, it is the importance of our own actions and opinions in the hearing and sight of our own children.”

“I do not think you need to worry, Isabella. Catherine and Oscar are fine children, raised in love and kindness by a wonderful mother.” Elliot stared into her eyes, his own green ones so beautiful to her.

“And by a wonderful father.” She said and blinked hard at the tears of emotion which threatened to fall.


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